3 Ways to Become an Exchange Student

 Phillip Taylor
  Jan 31, 2018

To become really immersed in the culture of a foreign country you need to spend some time there. Find out how to benefit from an exchange program by becoming an exchange student.

Is a High School Exchange Program for Me?

Why should one become a high school exchange student at all? The exchange programs can help you to gain a lot of educational and life experience. This decision though is difficult to make, especially, for young people with a little knowledge of how to live abroad. Here we are going to discuss key benefits of and details about exchange programs. So read the article below to find out the most popular ways of applying for the exchange programs.

What Are the Benefits of Exchange Programs?

Studying abroad during a short period may sound like a good idea. And it really is. In high school, you may be interested in other cultures and the ways people live in different countries. This is a very good possibility to see the world before you choose your career path. As an exchange student, you can learn new skills that will help you to build your future career.

Moreover, as you live with a host family, you will likely get the much wider vision of the way people behave, talk and think. Another benefit is that you are far from home without any support from parents or friends, so you can become a little bit more independent and learn more about yourself. In addition, making new friends with people met under these circumstances has many benefits, for example:

  • forming lasting connections
  • improving the language skills
  • learning about a new culture
  • developing important communicational and cross-cultural skills for building a successful career etc..

What Are The Difficulties Of Being an Exchange Student?

When living abroad, you would probably experience the whole range of emotions from sadness and frustration to excitement and happiness. This is because of differences in language, the way of life, food, time etc .. One of the most common difficulties of living abroad is an inability to speak the foreign language. You may like the host country but you may not speak the local language. In this case, you have an extremely difficult time. You may need some help with the tutor or writing assistance companies. You may just type in Google “write my paper at 10pagepapers.com” to get the high-quality writing services.

What Are the Ways of Becoming a Student?

If you feel that you made the right decision, you need to follow certain steps to become an exchange student. You need to do the following:

1. Find an Exchange Program and Host Country

First of all, you need to know which country you would like to go to. Search on the web the exchange programs offered, host school and family and submit an application. The exchange program is organized by the university but not every institution and even not every country is hosting foreign students. Notice that you may be charged an application fee after which the application is sent to the selected country for approval. You will be asked to fill in specific details. In most cases, the exchange candidates should wait, until the host family is selected.

2. Submit Supplementary Documentation

Despite the fact that you are studying at school, you are required to submit such documents as passport and student visa. Together with these documents, you may be asked to provide the university board with the official transcript of records, a resume (CV), covering letter etc..

3. Consider the Cost of Living

Consider the cost of the exchange program if you are not going to study for free. It can actually cost a lot, so you may need to find a part-time job. Besides, take into account travel costs and living expenses so that you are prepared at the beginning. On average, costs of being exchange student varies from a few hundred dollars per month too much higher figures.


Now when you know the main nuances of becoming a high school exchange student, you can make a decision on whether you should take this opportunity or not. The benefits of the exchange program include unforgettable educational and life experience, new friends and connections, priceless skills etc.. The disadvantages of studying abroad include living far from home, family and friends, and perhaps the stress from living on your own for a long period of time.

3 Ways to Become an Exchange Student

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