30 Easy Ways to Make Money in College

 Emma Lawson
  Aug 01, 2018

Even if you have not much money left for your everyday expenses, you can easily get it in real life, just when enjoying time in some list of activities. With time, you will discover that it does not prevent to open up your learning potential. For example, you can easily get educated, learning your new professional skills, and at the same time – earn money day by day. This will grant you with the new opportunity to get an education and money to pay for college or even escape your student loan as an eventual debt. In this article, you can get answers on how to make money while studying.

1. Start blogging or website. It is easy from the beginning to start some web-project and contribute to that day by day. For example, you can easily start blogging, writing some blog posts as a contributor on some blogging platform. Otherwise, you can easily register new website at Bluehost at the price of just 2-3 dol. per year. It is one of the cheapest and smartest solutions ever heard of.

2. Start your freelance writing career. It is specifically easy to start writing on different topics, even if you are not a big expert in this field. All you need is to get trained to become a fast writer and find suitable essay writing company. This will help you to earn money very well and pay your college expenses.

3. Sell goods on eBay. Some eBay sellers are ready to collect up to 2000-3000 dollars per year just selling some small amounts of goods. They typically buy at the wholesale price and sell in retail.

4. Become a loan manager. Some loan agents are ready to collect 70-200 dollars per hour. All you need is to get registered as a loan signing agent and get paid your commission if some people are interested in signing loans in your area of living.

5. Start your career as an insurance manager. Nowadays people like to sign loans, and specifically, they are interested in making such contracts for property, life, working activity, etc. This service has much of potential in the present time.

6. Try being a real estate manager.

Selling houses and commercial property is possible even at the very young age, especially if you are talented in interpersonal communication.

7. Why not an event manager.

You can suggest people arrange business, corporate or family events at the fair price.

8. A sales manager?

Is it for you? You can sell goods, either online or via interpersonal communication channels.

9. Start your career as a wedding event manager.

10. Sell goods on Amazon.

11. Sell crafts on Etsy.

12. Complete assignments on Amazon Mechanical Turk. These are very small assignments that you can do very easily and get paid in average 0,05 dol. per one. Anyway, they are that easy that you can do them very quickly, even while taking notes in college.

13. Start a video blog on Youtube. You can earn about 7,60 dol. per 1000 views of your filmed videos.

14. Complete online design work. This will help you to get developed your graphic design skills. Actually, you have an opportunity to take part in competitions at 99Designs.

15. Design T-shirts for sale. This will help to earn some money from taking the initiative into the regular lifespan. You can invent pictures, include popular and unique sayings or phrases.

16. Transcription work. This is the opportunity for fast typers.

17. Create an App and sell it at the Appstore. It would be good to cover some unmet niche and satisfy the need of those who will buy it.

18. Become a Calligrapher. Handwriting is a very popular business, for many people are looking for a high-skilled calligrapher to meet event-based needs.

19. Sell an Online Course. You can easily create some online course and sell it online. All you need is a good advertising campaign for your services. This will help you to raise self-esteem and professional dedication.

20. Become a Virtual Call-Center Representatives.

21. Work as a Translator.

22. Work as SEO-Guru for Others. You can provide your consulting services at the regular basis, teaching others to promote web-projects online, doing search engines optimization.

23. Rent Your Car.

24. Rent Your Room.

25. Rent Your Books and Others Staff. While studying at college, you must have many books of courses that are already passed. No more you need all these staff so that you can give them out for rent.

26. Rent Your Clothes. If you have some non-needed clothes, like for example a wedding dress or a smoking suit, you can easily rent them for the fair price.

27. Fill Out Online Surveys. It is an easy way to collect some dollars from taking survey activity. If you use car driving or even eat snacks and clean your teeth with the standard thread regularly, you can easily be the client of the online survey-making company.

28. Participate in Market Research. From time to time, some big and small companies do market researches to measure demand for some goods or services. You can become one member of the survey control group, if you sign an agreement to participate in this activity willingly.

29. Become a Medical Test Volunteer. You can get tested some new methods for curing illnesses.

30. Donate your Blood Plasma. It is an easy way to get your blood renovated by means of donating it to others. It will help you to stay healthy and satisfied with life. It will add comfort to your life with some money you will earn for this procedure. Furthermore, it is the way to contribute to health of the community.

This is the Top-30 list of how to make your first money while studying at college. Such small tips and tricks will supposedly help you to earn money to pay for college tuition. Just give it a try! Remember that even the smallest your effort may bring out the first important step to build your career.

30 Easy Ways to Make Money in College

Emma Lawson

Emma Lawson is a librarian and freelance writer in Vancouver, BC. She writes about comics, television, fandom, and other aspects of pop culture. She also works with brands to craft relevant content for their community.

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