3W's of RPA In Terms Of Business Automation

 Arogyalokesh Vutukuru
  Feb 27, 2018

3 W's - What, Why, Where...

The modern enterprises are sophisticated and complex organizations, use a combination of technology and people to fulfill the business processes based on the demanded from the outside world. Often the technology that to use cannot be evolved or developed or adapted at the speed of the business required.

What is Blue Prism??

Blue Prism - RPA is used to replace the manual work done by users for hours and hours. Hopefully, the process starts with automation of the process manual work with the robotic process that works according to rules defined and lead to the task completion.

In blue prism proposition is independent by 2 observations?

First, No technology division can keep up with; they have changed in demands of the requirements and operations.

Secondly, is that the organizations recognize this but that they use the people to fill those gaps between the business requirements and scope of what can be delivered by technology.

In our proposition is it that the new capability of virtual workforce powered by software robots that allow enterprise organizations to automate these tasks.

So what will be the benefits of the workforce?

  • Accuracy

  • Consistency

  • Right first time

  • Available 24/7

  • Instantly scalable

Where does blue prism fit??

When we talk about the process landscape in an organization. We talk about a long chain of change on the left-hand side we have the business processes that can value as a part of the transformational programmes these typically orders are delivered by IT, and as we go down the long tail, we see the process less or less value.

At a certain point in the organization the business that starts to deliver those processes they just fine-tune IT program to deliver the new technology.

Blue prism declares that we could use a virtual force or software robots to automate those processes that governed and hosted by IT that configured and controlled by the business.

So how do u deploy a secure scalable and well-controlled robotic automation platform?

It’s the partnership between operation and IT. Technology needs to look after governance, control, compliance, scalability, security, rules of engagement the pillars of your like of robotic automation solution.

Where in operation needs an operation model and framework that allows you to build an extensible - scalable platform, so they can use to deploy for ‘n’ number of platforms & scale across the organization.

From the operational governance perspective, we ensure that we are not introducing new data or we are not changing existing systems because the robots are using your existing assets they are taking the software platforms that you rolled out your uses and tested and validated and rapped your process around and we are just re-deploying them using robots.

The design of the software from the first principles to fit within it and scalable, contemporary architecture.

Considering elements like Failover, Disaster Recovery, Security and Scalability, well it also thinks about a business lite solution where the configuration will be flexible and rapid enough to keep up with the demands of the business will also ensure the compliance, governance requirements of the technology innovation.

Vast scripting and macros the pre-resist the robotic automation might be alright for delivering tactical or short-term initiatives at the far end of the long tail.

To deliver more sustainable and scalable approach, a more robust technology platform is required.

Why & Where would you use virtual workforce??

Well, any business functions where it in back of its process undertaken.

  • F&A

  • Admin

  • HR

  • Order Processing

  • Customer service

Any area of the business where you have structured, rules-based repeatable processes can be deployed using robots to complement your existing workforce.

How does robotic automation works??

Two key things to consider, 1 minute of work is equal to approximately 15 minutes of work of a person. This IT solution lends itself to quick implementations, lasting only weeks.


  1. Email attachment collection.(This process uses a robot to pull attachments from an email inbox)

  2. PDF Data Saved in Excel Document.(The data in each pdf is transposed to a row in a master excel document, which is saved on the machine)

  3. Access Web system; Generate reports.(Robots logs into a web system, and the data from each record in the excel document is entered into the system to generate an invoice)

  4. Confirm process completion via Email.(Finally, designated users have noticed that the process is complete)

Process Overview::

  1. The robot will carry the data from each pdf document to the excel sheet, each respective batch of data will be saved as a row.

  2. Next t, e robot will authenticate its credentials in the enterprise system, and enter each row as an invoice entry through a web form.

Robot transfers PDF to master excel document

The robot will start msg in the specified time.

  1. .msg(email file containing attachments is scanned, .pdf attachment is extracted and moved to new folder)

  2. Reading emails.

  3. All emails containing attachments are scanned & the pdf’s moved to the new folder.

Robot logs into enterprise system and generates invoice reports

  1. Logs in the system.

  2. Process

  3. The robot will fill the web forms to create invoices in the enterprise system.

Robot generates invoices and sends email to confirm task completion

  1. Invoice task will be completed.

  2. Email sent confirmation.

Result:: Task Completed.

  1. The robot downloaded emails and extracted PDF attachments based on specified criteria; saved the appropriate files.

  2. The robots read the data from each PDF file, and transposed it into a row in a master excel document; Saved the document on the machine.

  3. The robot logged into web-based enterprise system; Entered each excel row into each instance of the form as a new invoice report; Saved each report.

  4. The robot sent an email confirmation to a designated user upon completion of invoice creation in the enterprise system.

Conclusion:: You can use the robot as the digital workforce is easily set up and is always works on rule-based without any exceptions. It can be used in any kind of system environment whether it is SAP, Terminal or JAVA Application, and you can directly access. There is the wide range of use cases::

  • Finance & Accounting

  • HR Management

  • Master data Management

  • Purchasing

  • Aftersales

  • Data migration

  • ERP Testing

It is applied to classic process consulting specifies a lot of process-specific function expertise. In that combination a real change can be made by the thought::

  • Business case

  • Operating model

  • Framework design

To Finish::

  • Large-scale implementation

  • Center of excellence setup

  • Governance model

And that what all about shifting from classic powerpoint presenting to prototype orientation to changing really your organization or business better.

3W's of RPA In Terms Of Business Automation

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