5 Benefits of a Virtual Office Business Address

  Sep 13, 2018

Virtual technology is growing more popular by the day, for obvious reasons. You can now set up and run a whole business virtually! Instead of renting expensive office space and requiring employees to be there to get work done, you can use a virtual office.

A virtual office offers all the advantages an actual office does, if not more. So what is a virtual office?

Virtual Office:

A virtual office is a service that offers you a unique business address without the physical office space. This service mostly targets startups, small businesses, or home-based businesses looking for a professional address without spending too much.

Other features of a virtual office may include, a mail forwarding service, a virtual assistant/ receptionist, a phone number, or voice mail service. However, since the address is what most businesses need for advertising or to register their business, some providers like PostScan Mail offer a package that includes the address with mail forwarding, scanning, and storing services.

What are the benefits of a virtual office – business address?

A professional business address

With over 30 addresses to choose from throughout the U.S., your business is no longer limited to its physical address. This benefit is extra special for home-based businesses that need another address to use for business or small businesses located in remote areas. A virtual business address will be great to use with creditors, investors, or customers.

It will increase your credibility and at the same time, offer you a spot in a major city to grow your business. You can choose from a PO Box address or actual street address, whichever you prefer.

A real U.S postal address

Another great benefit is actually having a street address to use for business mail. We all know that USPS has many restrictions, one of them being, post offices only receive packages from USPS. If you receive a lot of packages for business or deal with private carriers, this can be frustrating. So, you either need to send it to your home address or have it sent to your small office, lessening your space.

With a street address in a well-known location, you can get mail and packages delivered from all mail carriers like DHL, FedEx, or UPS. More shipping options mean smoother mail transactions, giving you more options to offer your customers.

Manage business mail remotely

A virtual business address offers you a virtual mailbox for your business mail. You and your employees can all use the same mailbox and log in separately to handle your mail. One mailbox is used by multiple users, allowing the whole team a chance to take advantage of this feature.

Your mail will arrive at safe mail facilities then the envelopes will be scanned and uploaded on your cloud-based mailbox. You can access your mail through your phone or web browser, then decide what to do next with it.

Choose to open & scan, forward, shred & recycle, or archive any mail piece. You get instant notifications with all your new mail so nothing is left unattended and you can manage your mail remotely on the spot.

And if you want to put mail on hold or store it for a while, you can store it at the facility for free for up to 30 days from its arrival. And even if you need storage space afterward, you can get space for a small fee. Enjoy having a clutter-free home/ office without worrying about anything getting lost, which brings us to our next benefit.

Security & privacy

The enhanced level of security and privacy this service offers is definitely its best benefit. If you run a home-based business, your address will be protected online and your home privacy preserved. As for security, the mail facilities are secured with high-level security technology and security guards. Your mail and packages will be safe until you decide what you need to do next.

All financial or personal info is safely guarded with a unique shredding and recycling feature, you can have all critical documents handled immediately. Your important mail will be safely stored in your online account as long as it’s active; saving time wasted looking for mail. Mail theft is a growing problem in the U.S. but with a virtual mailbox, your mail and address will be safe at all times.

Mail forwarding service

Another problem faced with USPS is using the mail forwarding service. The recipient needs to be under your name and changing the address can cause mail to get lost or delayed. However, with a virtual business address, you can quickly forward mail to anyone, under any address.

You can get the service done online without ever needing to receive the package! And to save you extra shipping fees, your packages are consolidated before shipping for a lower rate. Faster and better mail forwarding is one of the main features of a virtual office; it’s available with almost every provider.


Even big corporations and companies are renting virtual offices to get things done faster and improve their business image. A virtual office will not only give you the base your business needs to run smoother operations but it’ll give you the chance to grow.

5 Benefits of a Virtual Office Business Address


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