5 Best Ways an SMS Campaign Can Benefit Your Business Outreach

 Vikash Kumar
  Feb 25, 2018

As per a recent report, the global SMS traffic is expanding at the rate of 8.3 trillion annually. The mobile way of promoting business through SMS is direct and instant with more than 90 percent of the incoming SMSs being read in three minutes of receiving it. That is why SMS campaigns i.e. marketing through SMS messages is a great strategy to promote ones business, broadcasting special offers and promotions, business updates and personalized messaged to forge a relationship with your customers.

In a lot of ways SMS marketing campaigns work in the same way as an email marketing campaign, but the turn-around time is much faster for SMS than with emails. Additionally, SMSs have a higher readability and open rate than email messages that often tend to be too lengthy missing out the main context and purpose that is useful for the buyer personas. But here’s where SMS proves to be better, as you must put in your business message within the limits of 160 characters, this constraint does cap the copywriters’ creativity, but for the better. As with such short, on point messages you get to deliver a crisp and meaningful proposition to gather better leads.

This is why SMS marketing lives on despite having its death predicted by myopic marketers many a times before. Here’s 5 ways SMS campaigns can give your business the necessary boost:

  • Carving a niche with the commonplace:

SMSs are fairly commonplace to be blunt; everyone understands this simple form of communication. Anyone with a working mobile phone knows how an SMS works, how to send and receive text messages. SMS is a feature that lives on in all kinds of mobile phones, be it new gen smart ones, old features phones, those barely alive and even the ones made in the age of yore of mobiles. Almost all of these devices can be used to send and receive messages. Therefore, you can be assured that when you send an SMS, it will hit the target!

  • They know cause, they read:

SMS stands to be the clear winner in terms open and opt-in rates with numbers boasting as much as 95 percent. While its other counterparts like email only have 11 percent, thanks to filters and spam recognition systems. That is SMS is the most popularly used mode for political and enterprise campaigns to amass a large volume of readership.

  • SMS marketing is cost effective with ROI:

Marketing budget is a headache for all businesses, but SMS marketing is still the cheapest for what it’s worth. That is the field of bulk SMS service providers in Delhi is bustling and over-crowded with varying ranges of bulk SMS service packages. Most of them promising the same things, but only the most reputable ones meet their words.

  • SMS campaigns offer easy to track ROI

The data of the effectiveness of your SMS campaign is quite simple to track for marketers even if they are not tech-experts. One can easily track the ROI of a campaign by including an URL in the message to understand the click-through rate of people coming through the received SMS bearing that same URL. You can further leverage conversions by getting your customers to make the call on a virtual number that you’ve subscribed to.

  • Targeting is easy:

With such detailed insights available it is easy to segment your customer database and specifically target each segments following certain factors for better efficacy. This will also offer a system in identifying a segment that is least responsive to SMS messages and better target them through a different medium.

Messages are after all the foundation of any business and bulk SMS is the way forward as they are fast, data driven, effective and transparent.

No manual effort, yet maximum ROI with least investment, bulk SMS is the secret key that makes marketing challenges easy.So, if you are looking to send information to thousands of people at same point of time, bulk SMS marketing is the best option for you.

5 Best Ways an SMS Campaign Can Benefit Your Business Outreach

Vikash Kumar

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