5 Cheap Office Re-arrangement Ideas

 Daniel Rogers
  Jan 22, 2016
Did you know that your employees are spending nearly half of their lives in their office? Keeping that in mind, it should not be too much of a surprise that recent studies confirmed that the way how those offices are laid out and how they look have substantial impact on employees’ motivation and, in turn, productivity. The best thing about this situation is that tweaks and upgrades you need to make them more productive are not expensive at all. Let us see then what you can do to make your employees more satisfied with their workplace, and improve your operation in the process.

Paint the Office in the Right Color

You have probably heard that different colors can cause different emotions. Namely, warm colors like red and orange are usually associated with creativity and warmth, cooler ones, like purple, green and blue can make you feel relaxed and cozy, while light color hues promote sense of calamity. So, if you, for example, need to create some small brainstorming hub, you should probably go for bright yellow. Just make sure that some too dark or too garnish colors are saved for the accent, and not used as the overall pattern.

Introduce a Little bit of Nature

Some people think that utilitarian and stripped down office design helps employees to focus on their tasks. That is a big mistake. As a matter of fact, according to Texas A&M University, being around plants helps people to concentrate better, feel better, and perform better, which in turn boost office productivity for up to 15%. So, if your offices reside in some cold urban environment, and you cannot afford your employees to take a stroll through the park, be sure to at least introduce some plant life in their offices, and make the whole atmosphere much livelier.

Create Social Hubs

Spending the entire day behind desk is certainly commendable, but, from the creative standpoint, it can be disastrous. Therefore, it is very important to encourage your employees to spend some time with each other, and spontaneously organize quick brainstorming sessions. You will do that by binding them to the common places they are using for prolonged period of time. So, your employees will at some point take a coffee break. Why would not they spend it together on sofa or bean bags around the coffee machine throwing useful ideas around?

Allow More Space behind Desk

Clutter is a productivity killer, and when it does not affect your employees’ productivity, it just makes everyone nervous. Do not allow small and cramped desks cripple your staff’s performance from the get-go. Instead, look for affordable office workstations, which will feature enough storage space, and the desks which will allow your employees to do their job without feeling constrained. Also, keep in mind that workstations should be adjustable to people and not the other way around.

Make a Room in Your Budget for Custom Upgrades

Essentially, your offices are your employees’ second home. Why would you not allow them to make them that way? So, instead of suffocating them with boring corporate design which will make them feel like they are spending time in a work camp, ask your employees to take participation in workstation design. Someone will want a small rug, while others will find lava lamp more stimulating. These upgrades are small enough, so you can easily fulfill everyone’s wishes.

You know how they say – Happy worker is a productive worker. Be sure then to keep them happy. It will cost you very little, but the return you will get through increased efficiency and productivity will be immense.
5 Cheap Office Re-arrangement Ideas

Daniel Rogers

Daniel is Sydney based writer and explorer. He is passionate about life in general. After he finished his career as a designer he decided to try writing. In fact, he has been writing short stories for as long as he can remember but he never thought that it can grow into something bigger.

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