5 concrete reasons cloud hosting is popular among SMB communities

 Sagar Kulkarni
  May 07, 2018

Cloud as a technology has been gaining ground over several other technologies when we talk about computing in general. Its penetration and adoption rate among IT as well as non-IT organizations have been phenomenal. One of the prime factors responsible for this transition has been a need for space as well as speed to manage to compute loads. This need has seeped into the small, medium as well as large business segments. SMBs, especially from the IT sector are taking great strides vis-a-vis application building and orchestrating the same in cloud environments. This has put the onus on cloud hosting providers to up the ante and deliver innovation strategies that will go hand in hand with business goals.

Cloud hosting is on the rise and there are many reasons which support the aforementioned ones for its popularity. Here is looking at them-

The scale at a great pace

This is definitely the number one reason for cloud’s popularity. Since the cloud is built on three tenets, namely- speed, memory and storage space, users of cloud hosting never have to worry about these three aspects that once consumed their time as well as money. Moreover, a good cloud hosting provider today allows you with one-click upgrades if you need more of any of these resources. Most SMBs, as well as larger players in the market, have resorted to cloud servers simply because it reduces their time-to-market applications through hosting environments. This has allowed users to not only deploy cloud for their web hosting but also use it as a tool to compete in the market.

Great backup and recovery

Recovering from an IT disaster has been a tall order for many organizations. However, this daunting task is now merely an activity that takes little more than a few minutes. Cloud hosting has converted disaster recovery into a service and there are many such cloud hosting providers providing DRaaS (Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service) to customers worldwide. It is a prime tool that has helped in making businesses move like clockwork, without any hiccups. Hence, many employees today rely on the cloud to access and store a large amount of data. With cloud hosting, it is farewell to long data recovery sessions which would eat up business days.

Security guaranteed

Cloud hosting is much more secure than having an on-premise hosting environment. This is because cloud as a technology has almost negligible access points which pave way for cyber attacks. Moreover, with identity and access maintenance controls given into the hands of any cloud hosting provider, the hosting environment becomes much more secure. This leaves very little or no scope for viruses to penetrate web hosting environment. In addition to this, cloud hosting enables its users with multi-factor and authentication and verification so as to restrict access to unknown individuals.

Providing high uptime consistently

Any business decides to buy a hosting plan based on the uptime served by the hosting provider. Much of the uptime depends on the hosting provider and the quality of servers deployed. However, the cloud is one such technology that can be singled out since its large volume of storage is enabled with huge memory that runs very fast. Also, this uptime, which is anywhere around 99%, has been consistent, thanks to cloud technology’s supercomputing speed.

Ease of migration from one cloud service to another

Cloud as a service allows users with the mobility with respecting hosting that too at ease. Users can migrate within or even outside their hosting environments within or outside the cloud. One of the reasons for this being, most cloud hosting providers disable vendor lock-in period to allow businesses to use hosting freely. So, while thinking about migrating from public cloud to private cloud or even hybrid, make sure that you have enough idea about in advance about their plans. Even if you do not need an advanced plan right away park that idea and ask your service provider about the details of migrating to another variant of the cloud service.

In closing

Let's not forget that customization, exclusivity, and functionality of cloud servers are also some key aspects that have made cloud hosting, a trusted service. Something worth mentioning about cloud hosting is that it has reduced training time for IT employees across organizations belonging to different segments. Once such entity that has enabled organizations of all sizes with cloud hosting is ResellerClub, a well-known cloud hosting provider that has been enabled enterprises with great hosting packages and services.

We hope that you know how cloud hosting can benefit you and why enterprises are leveraging it today. We urge you to take these points into account if you wish to migrate to a new web hosting or are buying your very first one.

5 concrete reasons cloud hosting is popular among SMB communities

Sagar Kulkarni

He is a former advertiser who works as a digital marketer in the web hosting industry. He has authored essays as well as white papers which talk about content management systems, digital marketing and best practices for SMEs when it comes to deploying hosting products.

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