5 Convenient Ways to Perform Umrah with Family

 Taylor l. Parker
  Feb 02, 2019


Umrah is a religious pilgrimage done by the Muslims as a religious activity which takes place in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Umrah can be done at any time in the year but there are certain months when Muslims come from around the world to perform the religious obligation of Hajj. During that time the flights become the issue, places are highly crowded and nearby hotels are already booked and performing Umrah activities becomes highly difficult. Therefore, if you are planning to perform Umrah with your children then it can increase your stress and difficulty. So, it is really important to plan your visit to Mecca in a well thought out way.

Following are the ways one find convenient to perform Umrah with children.

1. Travel Packages

Travel package if selected right, can make a great impact in your travelling with children. Therefore, it is really important to research and find a good travel company for yourself timely. For example, if you live in London then you can search for the umrah packages available at travel agents in London. It would be great if you share the budget details with a travel agent because that is how he will be able to find the best suitable option for you in the given budget.

2. Nearby Accommodation

Getting a nearby accommodation is also important because travelling to a foreign country with a new language can be a trouble if you do not know Arabic. A nearby accommodation will not only be easy to reach because of less distance. But, it will also decrease the cost of travelling. In fact, you will also be able to save time which can be used to do more religious activities in Mecca.

3. Baggage Packing

When there are children with you then it means you need a lot of things to carry with yourself. It would be a good approach if you do a different bag ready for each person. Adding all the clothes and other essentials for your stay at Mecca. As the girls need to wear Abaya and boys Ihram, so it would be good if you keep a pair of two for each so in case if one gets dirty then there will be the second one to use. Also, keep comfortable clothes not fancy because there will be an intense physical activity of walking which you have to perform.

4. Prepare the Mindset

It is the most difficult thing to travel with children. But it can be controlled if you prepare the mindset of your children in advance. They should be told in advance where they are going, why going and how they are supposed to behave there. When they will have their mindset prepared then they will not be cranky and disobedient at the venue.

5. Medications and Eatables

In addition to the mindset, you should also have some things prepared for the children like general snacks and juices etc. so that whenever they feel hungry you can provide them with it. It would be good to prepare the bag separately for all the eatables. Medication is also necessary to keep with yourself especially if you are allergic to something or have some issues currently going on. Emergency medicine like anti-allergy, painkiller and cough syrups etc. should just be with you.

These are all the ways which can make your Umrah trip peaceful, convenient and less difficult while having children with you.

Why You Should Visit Jeddah:

So if you want to have a stunning break on the Red Sea, then you should prefer to book a flight to Jeddah.it is basically the commercial capital of Saudi Arabia, but Jeddah uses to have an old heart. While visiting Jeddah you should prefer to visit As-Ballad district, that is basically an old town of Jeddah, where you will have had a chance to see old and beautiful coral buildings and active marketplaces.

Basically, millions of Muslims visit Saudi Arabia every year to perform a religious event that’s called Hajj. No doubt, Hajj, and Umrah are obligations which have a huge significance for Muslims from all around the globe. Hajj is thought to be one of the five basic pillars of Islam and it is compulsory on each Muslim who has money related and physical capability to the heavenly city of Mecca for performing Hajj. Umrah isn't as mandatory as hajj but still, it is thought to be an important part of love and Muslims from everywhere throughout the world go to Mecca and Medina to perform Umrah.

5 Convenient Ways to Perform Umrah with Family

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