5 Effective Home Remedies to Rejuvenate Your Skin

 Tom Balshi
  May 01, 2018

Feeling a little drab lately? Do you wish your complexion were a little brighter, clearer, and healthier? Fortunately, there are a few beauty tricks you can try at home to achieve a glowing look, just in case you couldn’t wait to see your local skin care professional.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has long been a beauty secret passed down from generation to generation. Why does this trick work and how can it rejuvenate your skin? This fruit is anti-bacterial, and this attribute is essential in fighting blackheads, and in turn, acne. Keeping the pores clean and clear is key to maintaining healthy, acne free skin. Along with its high content of vitamin C and citric acid, lemons can also aid in lightening the skin if used consecutively over time. Lightened skin tone means a brighter, healthier glow for your complexion.

Using lemon juice on your skin is a quick and easy home remedy that can be done in a matter of minutes. Juice the lemon and use a cotton swab to apply onto your face. Let the juice rest for fifteen minutes and follow up with rinsing with lukewarm water. This method can be enacted as a part of your daily beauty regime at no risk.

Cucumber and Watermelon Pack

There’s a reason why spas use cucumbers during facials, and that is because of this fruit’s anti-aging properties. Cucumbers help with sagging and their application on the skin can help encourage firmness in your skin cells. Watermelon’s nutritional components mirror those of cucumbers, firming the skin, preventing age marks, and encompassing extra hydration into your skin. Combined with watermelon, these two fruits reduce inflammation, making this a great method to rejuvenate otherwise dreary skin.

To use, simply grate the cucumber and watermelon respectively and combine into a pack that can be applied directly onto your face. You can also mix in a few drops of lemon juice for the added citrus benefits, and for a refreshing scent.

The Papaya Magic

Have you noticed the amount of facial cleansers that utilize the papaya? There is a reason behind this, as papaya is a known, natural exfoliator, containing what is known as alpha hydroxy acids, which are also ubiquitous on the labels of facial cleansers. These acids aid in the skin cells’ lifecycle and therefore they are often included in anti-aging cleansers. Alpha hydroxy acids also hydrate the skin, and by doing this, make for an overall youthful glow.

Two small spoonful’s of papaya pulp mixed with an equivalent ratio of honey makes for an excellent and effective facemask. Like you would with any cleanser, rub this mixture in gentle, yet vigorous circular motions on your face and let it sit for fifteen minutes. Wash thoroughly with warm water.

Antioxidant Dose with Tomatoes

Enjoy the astringent properties of tomatoes by using them on your skin. Reducing pores is the main attraction behind using tomatoes and their juices in skincare. These acne-fighting fruits are packed with vitamins A and C, both excellent in maintaining healthy skin, so snacking on some tomatoes is not a bad idea either if you want to have a healthier complexion.

To use as a direct application for your skin, employ the use of the tomato’s pulp and mix it with an accompanying, equally beneficial ingredient, such as cucumber juice. Let this mixture rest on your face for about fifteen minutes and enjoy the effects it has on visibly reducing your pores.


Perhaps the ultimate rejuvenator; getting the appropriate amount of sleep each night does wonders for your skin and your overall health. The reasoning in getting a good night sleep other than the obvious answer of feeling rested and ready to begin a new day, is that blood flow to your face promoted by a good night’s rest. Without sleep, bags under the eyes can form and your complexion looks lacking, to say the least. Get a good night’s sleep under your belt and you will wake up feeling and looking fresh.

When in doubt, visit adermatologist for advice on rejuvenating your skin. While natural methods are easy to do at home, your dermatologist may recommend prescription treatments if you have issues maintaining a clear complexion.

5 Effective Home Remedies to Rejuvenate Your Skin

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