5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make on Facebook

 Tim Baker
  Jan 23, 2018

The way we interact with each other has changed dramatically since the emergence of social media channels. Almost everyone today, from your friends and colleagues to your young niece and even your grandparent use social media to connect with other people and keep up to date with the news. Facebook, in particular, is the most popular network with over two billions monthly active users.

But, Facebook has done more than just change the way we communicate and get our news. It also offered businesses a two-way channel where they can engage with prospects, build lasting relationships, and promote their products or services. In this day and age, if you are not active on Facebook, then your business is as good as non-existent.

But, here’s the thing: building your audience on Facebook means more than just posting cute cat pictures or motivational quotes. The social media giant is constantly tweaking its algorithm, favoring quality content over spam, fake news or clickbait articles. If you want to make the most of this network, then you need to play by the rules.

With that in mind, here are a few mistakes small businesses make on Facebook and how to avoid them.

You’re Ignoring Your Audience’s Comments

One of the great things about social media is that it allows you to engage with your audience in real-time, responding to their questions, address their concerns, and thank them for their loyalty. That is an excellent way to build trust and lay the foundation for a meaningful and lasting relationship.

That said, never censor or ignore your audience’s comments.

Sure, you probably won’t have the time to answer every comment. But, try at least to address the problems your customers are raising. Use this as an opportunity to showcase your stellar customer service and turn an unhappy prospect into a satisfied customer

  1. You Sound Like a Despicable Salesperson

One of the worst mistakes you could do on Facebook is using this channel to spam your audience with news about your products. Here’s the thing: people don’t use social media with a clear purchase intent. They are not there to look for products or service or shop. Instead, users want to be entertained. If they come across something interesting during their time spent on Facebook, so be it. But, pushing your products aggressively and annoying them with overly salty messages is a surefire way to turn them away from your page.

Figure out what your audience wants and create content that responds to their needs. If you’re a physical therapy clinic, for example, don’t spam your followers with posts about your services and latest offers. Instead, follow the Shaq O’Neal rule and post engaging content 80% of the time, informative content 15% of the time, and promotional posts just 5% of the time. Work with specialized content writers that can create quality patient education on your website and turn you into a thought leader in your niche.

Inconsistent Posting

Posting chaotically on Facebook and interacting with your audience just now and then can impact your strategy dramatically. For starters, people will stop seeing you in their feeds. Or, worst, your name will only pop up when something bad happens.

Create a thorough calendar, organize your posts, and schedule them in advance to avoid this scenario. Use a social media automation tool to post content even when you’re not on your computer. Make sure, however, that the content you create or curate is relevant to your audience’s interests. Inconsistent content is just as bad as inconsistent posting.

You’re Using Clickbait and Begging for Likes

Sure, you ought to be social and engaged with your audience, but that doesn’t mean that you should post irrelevant polls or ask them silly questions. More importantly, don’t use hoaxes or clickbait headlines just to boost your traffic rates. People are tired of guessing how an article is going to change their lives. Spoiler alert: it won’t.

Create high-quality and value-added content that helps your audience and provides them with a solution to their problems. That is the fastest way to keep prospects engaged and longing for more.

You Have an Outdated Mentality

Facebook is an excellent communication tool, but you must pay a great deal of attention to how you treat your audience. Respect the people and respect the network too. Take the time to understand both. Try keeping up with Facebook’s changes and always update your marketing strategy with regards to the latest modifications in the network’s core.


If there’s one thing you should learn from reading this article is that Facebook is more than an advertising channel or marketplace. It is a space destined to facilitating communication. Avoiding these five common mistakes will contribute to building trust with your prospects and turning them into lasting customers.

5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make on Facebook

Tim Baker

Tim Baker is a proud father of two with an educational background in economics & business. He is a keen blogger and contributor to various finance, business & lifestyle blogs.

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