5 Skills You Need To Excel In Any Field

 Jenn Livingston
  Feb 21, 2018

Regardless of what industry you work in, there are certain skills that will help you get ahead professionally that have nothing to do with your specific industry. Considering that the average person will change jobs between ten and fifteen times throughout the course of their career, mastering skills that will help you get ahead in any job is of critical importance. In addition, more and more people are not just changing jobs throughout the course of their career but entire industries, making the mastery of "soft skills" more important than ever. Here are 5 skills you should start mastering now to help carry you through your career.

1. Listening

One of the hallmarks of great communicators is that listeners often feel the speaker is speaking directly to them. The way great communicators are able to do this is by listening to a wide variety of people and hearing the primary message that each of them is communicating. A great communicator will then address this primary message, which makes everyone feel they are speaking directly to them. This is also the hallmark of great leaders, and most successful people in general. Learning to listen allows you to effectively address problems that people who aren't listening may not realize are as far-reaching as they are.

2. Creative problem solving

Creative problem solving and listening often go hand-in-hand. For instance, a star medical salesperson may suddenly experience a slump. In reality, they may be having personal issues that make it difficult for them to travel the way they have in the past. If no one takes the time to find out that this is the problem, they may decide to send them for more up-to-date medical sales training. This may actually end up offending the salesperson and create an even worse problem than the company started with. On the other hand, if someone takes the time to listen to the salesperson and find out what the problem really is, they may be able to come up with a creative solution to help their star salesperson achieve greatness again.

3. Integrity

People often mistake integrity for honesty, but they are not synonymous. Integrity simply means to be "fully integrated" or consistent. Having integrity means you don't expect things from others that you yourself are not doing and you don't lead others to believe they can expect things from you they can't actually expect from you. People can tolerate a lot from their leaders and others they work with, but the hardest thing for them to deal with is inconsistency - never knowing what to expect from one minute to the next. Having integrity doesn't mean being perfect it just means being consistently perfect.

4. Emotional control

Successful people are not unemotional people, they simply know how to manage their emotions. When they are feeling tired, angry or frustrated, they don't simply pretend they are not feeling those things, they acknowledge them and find a way to move through them. Most people know it's a bad idea to make crucial or critical decisions when you are tired or angry. People who do not acknowledge these states, however, cannot refrain from making critical decisions until they are calm or rested because they aren't acknowledging they are not in that place in the first place. Only by being ready and able to acknowledge and recognize your emotions can you stop being controlled by them.

5. Empathy

One of the most critical aspects of business growth is the creation of diversity in the workplace, but diversity is actually impossible without empathy. Empathy demands the understanding that not everyone thinks alike, acts alike or has the same viewpoint - but this doesn't make some people right and some people wrong. Empathy allows a team of people to build a workplace environment that works well for all, not one that fits a few people like a glove and everyone else has to merely tolerate.

While soft skills may not look good enough on a resume to land you a job in the first place, they will not only help you keep your job but help you excel in it. They will also help you quickly become an invaluable part of almost any team. While the squeaky wheel may get the grease, the person that provides the grease that keeps the wheels moving smoothly is someone you want to keep around.

5 Skills You Need To Excel In Any Field

Jenn Livingston

Real Estate agent. I have been as a Real Estate agent for more than 12 years now and these are some skills I have come up with that I feel are necessary to succeed in any kind of field and industry.

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