5 Tips for Making Your Air Conditioner More Energy Efficient

 Aditi Singh
  May 26, 2018

The country is heating even now and then. A lot of people are worrying about the use of AC's in their homes. Will it raise the electricity bill? Power consumption is now a major factor for every home-owner. When you need to turn on the air conditioner for a long time, the bill is also increasing. But, there is nothing to worry about! Even if you feel that the bill is increasing, there are some ways to reduce the price. A few tips and tricks will always help you to lower the power consumption. So, here are the 5 Tips for Making Your Air Conditioner More Energy Efficient! Follow these tips to save money and energy on your AC right away!

Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance is definitely one of the biggest factors. Every device requires a proper maintenance to run for a long time. When the weather is hot, the AC requires more power on the compressor. Thus, it also consumes more electricity at the same time. Apart from this, most of the AC's have a tendency to consume more power after a certain time. The best solution to this is to keep doing the Annual Maintenance. Doing a regular maintenance means that everything is working fine. So you shall get an update on the internal parts and their condition. Apart from this, it certainly helps to conserve power! All you need to do is to call for a service agent randomly.

Change the Air Filter

The Air Filter is the part that purifies the AC. While it works regularly, it also attracts a lot of dust. This means that the air filter is the part that needs to undergo cleaning. Changing the air filter is another great option. You need to find out a way to get everything right. Your air conditioner moves air through the home in a regular cycle. Before the air returns to your air handler near the furnace, it goes through an air filter. This means that you need to regularly clean it. The more there is dirt, the more force it requires. Hence it attracts more power. So, cleaning the air filter means that the filter soaks in the fresh air. This helps a lot to conserve energy.

Clean the Outside Compressor

The main work of the compressor is to convert the outside air to fresh air. It also helps to cool down the air. But, for most of the air conditioners, the system is very easy. The air compressor remains outside. So it gets natural air to soak in. However, at the same time, the compressor attracts air with most dirt. More dirt means more impure air in the main unit. Though it has an air filter, it is still unsafe. Because of this, the filter also catches more dirt. So it is important to clean the compressor frequently. The more you clean it, the better the conditioner works. Also, it helps to conserve power and energy at the same time.

Setting the temperature

Most of us think that lowering the temperature will easily cool the room. It is true, but harmful too! Lowering the temperature gives an additional force to the compressor. Thus, the conditioner tends to cool faster. However, setting to the lowest temperature can easily consume the highest power. You need to keep it at a moderate temperature. This will help you to keep everything better. If you set it at a moderate temperature, the compressor consumes low power. Hence, it helps to consume low power as well. Still, I will suggest you keep it to a low power. You can also change the modes to Automatic for conserving more electricity. Overall, the lower the compressor works, the more you can save energy.

Energy Efficient

Probably, this is the best way to save your electricity bills. You can purchase an energy efficient product. These ACs come with more power stars. This means that you can save more energy at any time. Most of the people may think that the money for higher power grades is more. But eventually, it helps to conserve more money because of the features. You can easily save up a lot of money. Also, energy star ratings help to denote the working procedure. The higher the energy stars are the more power it conserves. All that you need to do is to save up a lot of money and electricity at the same time.

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5 Tips for Making Your Air Conditioner More Energy Efficient

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