5 Tips to Select the Perfect Manufacturing Partner for Outsourcing

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  Oct 03, 2017

Outsourcing emerged a popular business strategy in the mid and late 1980s and has continued to be a dominant trend across many industries today. Be it outsourcing marketing and sales process or administrative services, IT services or recruitment processes, hiring a third party located offshore helps companies to concentrate on their core businesses functions together with enjoying many other benefits, including cost-saving and efficiency enhancement-the two most important and sought-after outcomes.

Companies engaged in, for example, aluminum profile manufacturing and other goods in the developed countries, outsource manufacturing to manufacturers and suppliers in the developing countries, ensuring a constant supply of manufactured goods, which can be increased or decreased according to customer demands.

As the production of injection molded plastic parts, LED high bay light fixture or other hardware products involve huge upfront costs and high lead times, manufacturers prefer outsourcing the works rather than producing the items in-house. This also helps them to gain competitive advantage over competitors.

If you are looking for an experienced manufacturer to fulfill your production goals-whether they are injection molded plastic parts or something else-then, here are five quick tips that will help you choose the perfect partner:

Assess your requirements and define your objectives

There is no doubt that selecting a suitable outsourcing vendor is critical to achieving the maximum benefits from offshoring your manufacturing business. Before zeroing in on an outsourcing partner, you should assess your requirements, define the scope of work to be outsourced and the benefits and objectives you want to achieve. This will lay down a strong foundation for a successful and long-lasting outsourcing relationship.

Find out the qualification and experience level of the vendor

You would find many companies providing lucrative outsourcing deals. Not all firms, however, can provide you the maximum benefits in a professional and qualitative way. Selecting a renowned and experienced vendor with proven credentials is a must for realizing your objectives and getting the desired outcomes. It is best to check their quality certifications; also ask for the qualification and experience level of the team members of the company.

Ask for references and samples of work

You can check their clients’ testimonials or ask for clients’ references from the service provider. This will give you insights into the quality of the service, delivery period (Lead-time), after-sales support and the competence of the company to handle potential challenges. You can also demand prototypes of products that they have completed for other clients to assess the suitability of the service provider.

Assess the financial health of the potential vendor

Before outsourcing any business function, you need to ensure that the service provider is not just competent but financially stable as well. This necessitates a proper assessment of the risks associated with the vendor’s business and its financial stability, which is quite important for it to deliver high-quality products consistently as per the business deal.

Make sure that your partner’s communication and client management practice suit your requirements

Establishing a sound business relationship with an outsourcing partner-from example, a LED high bay light fixture manufacturer-merits proper communication and in-depth understanding of your organization’s culture and long-term vision by your partner. You should ensure that your outsourcing partner communicates well, responds to your queries, concerns and feedbacks promptly, and you can communicate with them on standard communication channels like e-mail, phone, VOIP (Skype), chat, etc.

Communication is vital to any business-it can make or break any business relationship. Therefore, in order to make the most of your outsourcing deal, it is crucial to check out the communication practices of your potential partner and find out its commitment to client satisfaction.

When you are clear about your manufacturing requirements and needs, interact with the project managers and team members of the company, and follow your instincts - you are most likely to select the suitable outsourcing partner that will empower your business and help you realize your outsourcing objectives.

5 Tips to Select the Perfect Manufacturing Partner for Outsourcing

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