5 Tricks For Arranging The Furniture

 Arsalan ahmed
  Sep 22, 2015
People will now and then buy attractive and good furniture but find it difficult to place and arrange them in their houses. Every piece of furniture will influence the atmosphere in a room depending on its looks, design and functionality.

Some of the tricks that you can use to arrange your furniture include

1. Plan on the Space available
Measure your room size and make a theoretical and practical arrangement of the room. Make a drawing of the room and furniture in a separate paper. Make sure they are to scale. Cut the furniture pieces and make a practical arrangement. This can also be done by use of a room planning software. This will help you get the best arrangement of your furniture.

2. Focal Point
The focal point of your room will depend on the room. If it is a living room, a television, a picture window or a fireplace is suitable. Your dining room focal point can be a table and some chairs while the one for a bedroom can be a bed. You should set the focal point such that when you move in the room, it faces you prominently thus your eyes are always drawn to that object. To make this point more attentive, add some more accessories such as shelves, books and flowers. In a bedroom, place a mirror, a lampshade and a bed table.

3. Seat Positioning
You should first make sure that the sofas are of the right size. They should not be too many since the room will look cheap and overcrowded and the sofas should match the room as well. They should be positioned such that when you are at the entrance door, you can directly move in and sit without moving some chairs. If your room is small, try to make strategic angles of the sofas to utilize the available space. In a large room, they should not be too far or too close to each other.

4. Placing Surfaces
Placing surfaces such as dining and coffee tables should be set strategically paying attention to their levels. Tables for decorating should be taller than the other tables next to the couch and you should place them at the edge of the room. Avoid large coffee tables that can hinder easy movement within the room. Leave adequate space between the seat and the table for easier movement.

5. Lighting
While arranging furniture, lighting should be a major factor to consider. Some of the tables will be used to act as the surfaces to place the lamps. You should make sure that the table meant for this purpose is set strategically so that all the areas including the path outlets are well lit. Use more than one light source to ensure that the whole area is covered.

You should make sure that all the outlets and furniture could be accessed easily. In addition, you should be able to sit and reach things easily. Have a low table that is easily reachable where you can charge and place your phone and remote controller as well as other portable devices.
5 Tricks For Arranging The Furniture

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