5 Wonderful Things to Do in Your Thailand Tour

 Sigmar Bricksson
  Jun 22, 2018

Thailand is considered one of the prominent tourist destination in Southeast Asia, but it is difficult to get a unique experience among a load of Thailand tours packages. Most tours are crammed with tourists who want to take photography. However, by doing something different as shown below, you can take make your Thailand tours most and gain an authentic tour. Here are the top things I recommended to you:

Don’t just Eat at Restaurants – Try Local Snacks

Thailand boasts the richest tastes of the several countries in Southeast Asia. It's not a bad idea to eat in the best restaurants in Bangkok or other cities. While you must try the local snacks that offered along the Damnoen Saduak floating market. Boats selling their fresh cooked dishes park near and cater to those sitting. Being a lazy traveler and cruising the winding canals, stop whenever you find something delicious to sample.

Try the boat noodle first. Only spend 20 baht and you will get a bottle of noodle and meatballs. Not a lot, but suitable for visitors who want to try more types. Then pick some roasted seafood to fill your stomach. Shrimps are usually as big as your palm! This local market opens quite early in the morning. For an alternative, you could also visit Amphawa floating market which opens later till the night during weekends.

Don’t just Stay near Chao Phraya River – Take a River Cruising on It!

Staying near the Chao Phraya River is a must when in Bangkok. But don’t just stay at any one of the hotels with crowded surroundings. Cruising on the river and you will have a more open view. The vacation usually offers the best view of the Wat Arun which just located on the west bank. The temple enters a moment of magic when the sunset and dark cover the land, with lights and neon lamps reflects from the pearly surface.

Don’t just Follow Popular Attractions – Have a Close Contact with Elephants

Elephants have been an icon of Thai culture for centuries. In Thai society, elephants play an important role in manual labor, royal portraits, and tourism. Even today, you can also see a splendid elephant parade in festivals. Elephants have immersed into the life of locals. So where you can find elephants? Because of their diet, most elephant natural park settles in the northwestern part of Thailand where tropical forests largely covered.

The best way to play with elephants is to lend a hand at Natural Elephant Sanctuary. Elephant Nature Park is one of the most respected and famous elephants protecting projects in the country. The park offers refuge to elephants that rescued from cruel tourist illegality. You can participate in the activities here like bathing and feeding elephants, trekking them through the forest and learn their natural behavior.

Don’t just go to The Beaches – Take a Sea Cave Canoeing

Best known for its breath-taking beaches, Thailand attracts hundreds of visitors come for its beaches and bay every year. While the unique geography offers more than that. Have been to the film places for world-known films, the limestone caves wait for your excursion. Ready for a natural adventure? Take a full day tour from Phang Nga Bay and James Bond Island, then you will reveal the hidden wonder of Phuket Island. Seeing limestone karst in the twin-engine boat, kayaking to emerald lagoons and through secret caves, all you have never seen on any tropical beach!

Don’t just watch the show – Take part in a Thai Boxing Class!

Now you step on the original ground of Thailand Boxing! Thailand is the Mecca for all Muay Thai fans. This martial art revolves around pounding people to a pulp with your fists, elbows, knees, and feet — NICE, it’s great for sports buff! Some of the gyms offer beginner classes.

They will provide full privative equipment, private instructor to lead you to complete the training process. The main training starts with jumping rope. The instructor shows how to pivot on your foot and bring your hips over and around to really pack a wallop. And then repeat those basic step and simple pattern over and over. You will absorb the gem of this sport and learn some much more powerful kicks.

5 Wonderful Things to Do in Your Thailand Tour

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