Neelam Ali
  May 24, 2018

Internet has made acquiring education extremely easy. From providing to you the facility of online education to providing before you online books, everything is just a few taps away. Before internet was common, education and the ways of getting education was hard. But now the students have this amazing facility.

Teachers play a very essential role in a student’s life. What is taught by the teacher is remembered for the ‘’life time’’, by a good and capable student. Therefore, internet has facilitated teachers in a number of different ways as well. One of these facilities include the online tools. These online tools help the teachers check assignments, projects, mistakes and numerous other time taking things in just a few seconds. It can also help you grade the assignments. Some of these tools are absolutely free however some require some payment for their upgraded versions.

Here are the 6 best online educational tools for teachers. Even if teaching is a challenging profession, it becomes very less difficult with the simple help of these online and totally free websites. These websites will make your teachings experience great. It will give you a very easy way to manage your lessons.

Kahoot is a very colorful and musical way to test the students’ understanding. It gives the teachers the opportunity to make files and slides through which different lectures are not only delivered, but different questions are also asked in order to test the understanding of the student. Students can even be marked different points if they guess the question right.

Nearpod allows you to spice up your lectures. With the help of this tool, create informative yet eye catching slides and lectures for your students. You can even create quizzes and many different questions. You can add pictures to make your lectures even more interesting. It is a paid tool, but for testing you can get their free plan.

Just like Kahoot, this app also helps test the students’ understanding. This is also based on the student’s response and points different students who give the right answer. Teachers even take tests this way and grade students through this tool. This is a very fun and interesting activity for the students and helps develop the interest of the student in the lecture.

This app helps the teachers to keep a record of the students’ reading habits. The students should be assigned to read books and keep a record of all the books that they have read over there. The app is very easy to use. The teachers can then provide the results by comparing the different students of the same school. Tests can even be assigned to the students through this amazing tool.

This app helps the teachers improve. It increases the amount of coordination with the administration staff and they can give their feedbacks regarding the different teachers. If any problems are being faced, the solutions can also be provided with the names of the teachers and the different resources which they can use in order to get better, can also be inserted into this simple but extremely helpful tool.

This tool helps build up a better communication level between the teacher and the different students. This tool will enable the students to participate in the lecture. The students which do not come forward but are always hesitant in asking questions from the teachers can be helped greatly and improved by many times through the help of this extraordinarily good app.

These tools will help the students build the interest into the lectures and will clear their concepts in a very fun and interesting way. One more tool which is also used by teacher is paraphrasing tool. Form the name it seems that it could only be used to rewrite articles / text. But teachers mostly used Online Paraphrasing Tool to minimize complex words.


Neelam Ali

Neelam Ali is a teacher at national institute of business and technology Faisalabad, Pakistan. She loves her profession, whenever have free time writting is her first choice.

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