6 Secrets on How to Find Your Place Among Co-Workers in the Medical Sphere

 Valerie Malecha
  Jun 12, 2019

Medical workers play a crucial role in society. They ensure people are healthy and productive. There are a lot of places, where you can work as medical staff (hospitals, medical centers, laboratories and etc.) and everywhere you should work in a team.

However, services delivered by medical workers can only be effective if there is a conducive working environment and can only happen if there is a proper working relationship among medical workers. As many as 80% of the medical errors involve informational or personal miscommunication.

medical sphere

As a medical staff, if you want to thrive on your career, then you must know how to relate with your coworkers. In this article, we are going to give you 6 secrets on how to find your place among coworkers in the medical sphere.

6 secrets to find your place among coworkers in the medical sphere

1. Be honest and kind to anyone

It is very difficult to establish a good working relationship with your coworkers if you are the type of person who likes to backstab others. Your colleagues need to trust you and that can only happen if you are honest and kind to them. Also, try to be polite to everyone and understand your coworkers, do not forget that everyone has his own character and personality.

Be a team player and if any of your workmates needs assistance, then don't shy away from helping. Be kind and let your coworkers know that they can actually rely on you. Do not forget that the medical field is the most stressful one and sometimes the people who are around you really need your help or just a warm word. Provide your team with a kind atmosphere and it will be easier for you to work with them.

2. Don't be mean in sharing your knowledge

If you are the kind of person who is mean with knowledge then your coworkers will slowly start to avoid working with you. Some medical staff usually think that their positions at work will be at risk if they share the experience. However, that is not true. You know, if you share your secrets, maybe someone will share his.

In fact, you are all doing the same deal and you have the same goal - to save lives and to treat people. Don't be mean with knowledge, instead, be a team player and share it when needed. Sharing knowledge will also make thing simple for you.

3. Always apologize and admit your mistakes

Humans beings are not perfect and you are not an exception. This means that you are bound to make a mistake once in a while. However, if you want to create a good working relationship with your coworkers, then you need to own your mistakes. Humanity always makes mistakes and it is a part of our daily life.

You need to practice saying this statement: ‘I'm sorry, what can it do to fix the problem?’

This short sentence can really change things in the workplace. It can make a tensed working environment, cool and relaxed.

As a medical worker, you need to take responsibility for all your actions and that includes admitting your mistakes. Remember that a mistake is not a career ender. However, if you are so prideful to just say ‘sorry’ and to fix your fault, it can cause even more serious consequences than you expect.

Always apologize for your mistakes and work towards fixing it.

4. Find your coworkers on social media

Phone number lookup is a tool that organizes social network information, public records and white pages listing to help you to find and learn about people. You can use it to find social media profiles of your coworkers.

Such a platform can help you know more about your coworkers including things that you have in common, their hobbies, goals and many other things that can help to know people better than ever. This is very important because it will help you relate better with them both at work and outside work.

5. Try to meet your coworkers frequently and communicate

Communicating with your coworkers both at work and outside work is very important. It will not only help you fix small issues that may arise at work but they also help you to bond and know each other better. Maybe, you can even make friends with some of them.

Try to meet with your coworkers frequently and discuss various important issues that affect you as medical workers and not only. Don't stop there, continue to communicate with your coworkers even outside work. For instance, you can invite them for lunch. Such a simple act can go a long way in enhancing the relationship between you and your colleagues.

You can meet your coworkers and ask them to spend some time together. It is a great idea to try some outdoor activities with them such as pingpong, volleyball, kayaking, rollerblading, ice skating and etc. Also, you can spend time watching film or just chilling in a cafe with a cup of tea and an interesting discussion.

6. Start medical courses and attend together with your coworkers

Attending medical courses with your colleagues can really help to strengthen your working relationship. Medical classes will not only help to enhance your knowledge but it will also help to boost your relationship with your colleagues because you will be meeting and exchanging ideas frequently.

Choose some courses that meet the interests of both of you. It can also be online courses and you can buy and listen them together and then discuss the information that you have heard.


if you want your career to progress as a medical practitioner, then you need to relate well with your coworkers. Do not forget that you have the same goal in life. You need to assure them that you are trustworthy and reliable. This way, they will be more comfortable working and relating to you as a person.

6 Secrets on How to Find Your Place Among Co-Workers in the Medical Sphere

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