6 Tips For Improving Interoffice Communication In Your Small Business

 Lisa Cooper
  Nov 03, 2018

Effective & hassle-free communication is of great importance for managers, bosses, subordinates, colleagues, and suppliers associated with a company. It allows them to perform basic management functions, such as planning, organization, directing and controlling. In most companies, written and verbal communication is used to communicate the message to the concerned persons.

Well-functioning internal communications allow management to listen to employees, correctly understand the information transmitted, determine the strengths and weaknesses of the production process in a timely manner, adjust management decisions accordingly, and achieve significant results with minimal investments.

It increases the company's profits, creates a positive working atmosphere and contributes to the continuous improvement of the work processes. But, most companies don’t have a well-structured communication strategy. So, how to improve internal communication in a company? Let’s mull carefully.

1. Choose The Best Communication Channels At First

There is a large number of communication tools that help business organizations to simplify and accelerate the transfer of information easily. Have a look at that.

Communication Channels for Companies



Different Email Services


Swift transfer of messages through Emails and chat.



Swift transfer of messages, files, audio, videos, etc. You can also make audio or video calls using this service and have instant communication with your clients.

Team Chat Applications


Instant communication among employees.

You can choose any tool as per your convenience.

2. Choose An Official Language

After the selection of an appropriate communication channel, you should choose an "official language" that matches your corporate culture. In most companies, English is used for communication. However, some staff experience certain difficulties while using their language because of their limited command over it.

In such cases, Corporate English Training with a native speaker can prove to be an effective tool for staff development and motivation. You can also allow other languages to be used for official communication. This will help employees to communicate effectively and exchange thoughts with each other quickly.

3. Make A Favorable Space For Communication

As a team leader, company owner, CEO, and HR, your job is to make sure that there is always a clear and continuous process of information exchange in your team. Expressing your feelings or exchanging ideas should never be taboo in the workplace.

Encourage it as far as possible and follow an open door policy as it will allow employees to communicate effectively with each other. Plan individual meetings with your employees at least once a month to know what stage of development your employees are, how they feel and what they might need from you.

4. Take A Lead Yourself

You should become the initiator of new habits that promote effective communication at work. For instance, you can say "good morning" to your team at the beginning of the day to cheer up your employees and get instant answers from them. Encourage social interactions and ask employees to seek help from coworkers whenever they need. This will increase the level of communication among employees and you will see a sharp improvement in the performance of employees after a few days.

5. Ensure Two-Way Communication

Communication should never be in only one way. Always ask your employees to share their thoughts, offer feedback and participate in the discussion as far as possible. For instance, organize a meeting and ask your employees to give impartial feedback on the effectiveness of your work as a manager, HR, company, owner, etc. React to those reviews and make communication a conversation to improve the overall productivity of your employees.

6. Use Corporate Social Networks

The proper use of corporate social networks can help companies to reduce the gap between managers and subordinates due to informal communications between employees. It also helps them to seek, identify and consolidate the interests and skills of employees.

Actually, a social intranet can be a powerful source of information for a company as here employees write about what is important to them and up to what extent. It helps you to meet the needs of employees effectively and make sure they are contributing their 100% to your company.

Some employees may seem embarrassed to express their feelings or complaints openly. For them, use the technology of an anonymous message.

7. A Phone for All For Emergency & Urgent Calls

Business phone systems and cellular communication services should be provided to employees. It allows them to solve plenty of operational issues quickly and understand the interest of other employees also. Always keep in mind that without mobile phones, employees can perform their duties associated with frequent business trips.

For office employees, considering the issue of limiting telephone conversations during working hours very seriously. A complete unconditional prohibition on personal negotiations during working hours doesn’t create problems in the work of other employees.

8. Publish A Monthly Newsletter For Employees

The regular publication of news and updates of the company allows employees to better understand the goals and objectives of the business, know the latest products and services provided by the company to customers and work on the plan of action to achieve the set target. This is extremely beneficial for new employees who need to become familiar with the processes and procedures adopted by the company and boost their performance. Avoid sending SPAM newsletters to employees. This simplifies the process of accessing information from employees up to a great extent.

9. Celebrate The success of Employees

To generate trust among employees, don’t hide anything from them. In many companies, the management and HR department doesn’t take this factor in consideration. So, engagement suffers a lot. Always share important information with employees and invite them to important meetings. If one employee has completed a monthly or quarterly target, celebrate his/her success, about his achievement to colleagues and arrange a small feast. This will increase communication among employees up to a great extent & they would love to contribute more to your company.

10. Create An Atmosphere of Enthusiasm And Positive Energy At Work

It's a fact that Monday is a hard day for regular employees. So, as a serious company owner, chare people with positive energy in the morning. Collect employees for a meeting or just send everyone a letter with a motivating quote.

If possible, invite motivational speakers to the company. They will help employees to realize how important their role in the company is, fill them with positive energy, and tune in to productivity. Always keep in mind that motivational lectures don’t have to be related to the work of the company. Discuss usual things. This is a great way to charge your employees & improve communication between them.

Final Words

Active Communication among employees plays a vital role in every organization. Company owners, team leaders, Hr professionals, CEOs can ensure an effective exchange of information among employees and achieve virtually everything in the business by following the above-mentioned tips.

As your employees are the quintessence of your company, blocking the flow of messages in the organization hurts the potential business opportunities you are likely to get. Share your views and ideas about the company's strategy through different communication channels, let them know and feel themselves an integral part of your business, and set up a dream team to fulfill ambitious business targets.

6 Tips For Improving Interoffice Communication In Your Small Business

Lisa Cooper

Lisa Cooper works as a blogger for Fixtel, an Australian owned and operated telecommunications company to provide quality Business Phone Systems Australia. He is a web addict and spends too much time in front of the computer. She would love to share the knowledge, experience, and thoughts with others on the web.

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