6 Ways to Monetize a Blog Easily

 Nisha Pandey
  Apr 10, 2019

Blogging is the hottest new trend, nowadays. Only the lazy would not do it. And it is good that the Internet has given us an opportunity to speak, to share some amazing thoughts, and to discuss matters of concern with people all over the world. You know, it really works. Users are ready to share interesting posts with their friends and relatives.

After some time, bloggers start thinking about making some money from the traffic they are able to generate. And that’s the moment where difficulties may come. Generally, blogs with an audience of more than a thousand daily visitors are considered to be a success. Does that mean that those who have a lesser audience to be crestfallen? No, and in this article, we are going to prove it.

Read till the end to learn more useful tricks and implement them on your blog to monetize it!

blog monetization

How to make money from your blog: lifehacks for cases with small audience

1. Add context ads to your blog

As a writer, you understand quite well what your niche is, so it won’t be difficult for you to select the right contextual network. Google AdSense is a good way to start here as there are almost no requirements for website traffic. Such a simple mechanism exists mainly because you will otherwise have to spend a lot of time to have everything tuned well.

2. Affiliate networks

The main advantage for this network is for those who are not keen on advertising on their blog. You can personally decide which ad will be published on your blog. The correct choice will help you to earn a good income, as you can publish the most popular and profitable ads. The only condition here is to choose the ads from your niche, as a blog about domestic animals is too unlikely to earn money from ads about car repairing. An excellent example of a network in this regard is Polus Media advertise platform.

3. Speak about useful things

If your blog is about cooking, or knitting or robotics - you certainly need some tools to complete the tasks relevant to your niche topic. Search on Google for the manufacturers, whether they have something interesting for you and make a post that explains how to use their tools, For example, a recipe-focused blog post can tell about the different kitchen appliances and utensils that helped you with the prepration. And provide a link to those equipment. The only condition here is understanding of your responsibility for the product you advertise. If the item is really of high quality - you may get words of thanks from your followers. If everything was done just for money making - you will risk to lose even that small audience you have.

4. Make a webinar

Next, you should study what worries your audience the most and gather all the relevant information on the topic. Once you have developed the matter to resolve their queries, set a state to speak on it and make an announcement on your blog. We recommend to place a small price on it, something people will be ready to pay because they realize the importance and value of the information they will get. If it is your first webinar - you will gain good experience and earn some money through the process. If the topic you will talk about is really interesting people may share your event with their friends.


5. Ask for donations

Everything is quite simple with this strategy. Sometimes, it is more than enough just to ask for help, if you need it. Think what research or what problem you want to study for and what you need to accomplish. Maybe you need some redesigning of your website or for some other purpose. Create a banner asking to donate and add details about the purpose. Don’t expect a fortune, but if you really need a better webcam - it may work.

6. Sell eBooks

Another way to monetize your blog is to sell eBooks on it. It is highly likely that you have expertise in one or more areas. It may be related to your profession or hobby. It is much simple to create non-fiction eBooks that can be of help to your visitors. If you have some teaching skills, you can also create a course in the form of ebook to sell it through your blog. It will be best if the ebook is related to your blog’s niche.

You can create interesting content on your blog to sell your eBooks.

Thus, there are many ways in which you can monetize your blog. The twenty-first century offers us innumerable options for making money from the Internet, The options we have described are not the only in the list, but they are simplest to implement.

Have you tried anything from it?

6 Ways to Monetize a Blog Easily

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