7 Advantages of Investing in SEO

 Rick M.
  Aug 10, 2019

All you need to do is type “Is SEO dead” on Google, and at least 10 million references will pop up. Top amongst the list, is an article with that exact title by Jayson DeMers, a fellow Forbes contributor. He talks about Sam McRobert’s opinion on this query, not just as VUDU Marketing’s CEO, but also as an expert in SEO.

McRoberts doesn’t think SEO is obsolete. He however agreed that it has changed so much over the years that, it should be used more as an initiative for branding, than as a marketing scheme.

Contrary to popular opinion, organic SEO for businesses is far from dead. A lot of international companies and SEO agencies remain committed to ensuring that there’s a strong, SEO-optimized setup, which is search engine friendly, so long as the engines remain committed to enhancing their algorithms as time goes on.

Below are 7 reasons why organic SEO investment will be perfect for all your online businesses:

1. It is just as effective as ever!

The SEO boosting techniques are still very effective, because the search engines have not stopped using the off-page and on-page SEO and that's why the top web hosting providers are always emphasizing not only their uptime, which is also very important in SEO, but also their server speed when trying to sell their services. This has been confirmed by all the different case studies on SEO that were carried out after Hummingbird was released.

According to the CEO of BIZCOR, which is a marketing company, if you concentrate on using SEO strategies and methods to optimize user experience, you’re likely to be rewarded with organic traffic and a higher rank.

2. There is no serious indication that SEO is ending anytime soon!

The truth is that, the effectiveness of organic SEO is not likely to end anytime soon. This inference can be arrived at by tracking the growth of search engines when it comes to algorithms. Regardless of how infrequently Mr. Matt Cutts appears with breaking news, this will still be true.

At present, even the results of multimedia content, relies on keywords. Therefore, the growth starts from content, down to images, then videos. The success recorded is simply an indication of the continued success of the different SEO techniques.

3. It’s actually very affordable!

The perception about SEO being expensive is actually a myth. At the beginning it may seem like it, but it is actually quite cheap in the long run. Unlike some other digital marketing techniques like PPC advertising and social media promotion, SEO offers significant returns. You might get more returns from PPC, and your image might be boosted by social media, but organic SEO provides a multi-dimensional core for your online presence.

4. It is impossible to ignore this trending mobile and local SEO

Of recent, mobile and local search optimization has been trending in the SEO world. According to estimations, the number of traffic that goes into mobile devices will exceed the amount that goes into conventional desktops. This is yet another indicator that a lot of new and effective SEO techniques, will make their way to the various responsive sites. This alleviates the fear of SEO becoming obsolete.

5.Search engines are gradually becoming a reliable means of searching for information.

About 80-90% of users make use of search engines when searching for online reviews before purchasing anything. This figure alone is an indication of the reliability of search engines! This numbers will likely increase in future because, there’s no serious competitor challenging search engines at present.

Therefore, no serious business will want to let go of search engine for online discovery and purchase of their products and services. If you’re in any of these businesses, organic SEO is the best way to help your customers locate you online, rather than going after your competitors.

6. Your competitors have not stopped using organic SEO

SEO is practically an everlasting procedure. If you think SEO is about to end, you might stop strategizing to improve your position or going for a higher rank. The implication of this is that, you’re directly frustrating the progress of your own online business. And you’re indirectly clearing a path for your competitors. Am sure you don’t want any of this to happen, do you?

7. The only way to get updated and healthy content is through organic SEO.

Imagine visiting a website that has had the same content for a couple of years. This can dampen a customer’s interest. Therefore, you need to maintain your site and update it regularly with something new if you want to hold the interest of your customers. This can come in different ways – such as new offers, new releases, new videos and images, new color themes, etc.

Other digital techniques for marketing like social media marketing and PPC are not as effective when it comes to comprehensively updating the content on different pages. But this is something that can easily be done through organic SEO.

Stale and unhealthy content can be very harmful to your site. Apart from losing your customers, you’ll also lose your brand image for search engines. Updated algorithms for search engines have a way of giving more respect to updated sites.

When you provide new content, new sharing icons or a new look, you’re indirectly letting your customers know that you want them to come back or keep updating themselves. Search engines love this and expect it from web sites in exchange for higher rankings.

This is definitely another incentive to use organic SEO for your business investment.

It has become even more critical to spend more time, effort and money on organic SEO. This is true even though the absence of organic keyword data has proved quite problematic.

You should definitely get a good SEO strategy for your online business if you don’t want it to become stagnant. No business wants that. The bottom line is that, organic SEO should remain one of the essential constituents of online branding.

7 Advantages of Investing in SEO

Rick M.

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