7 Criteria Choosing a Reliable Paper Writing Service

 Lauren Bradshaw
  May 30, 2019


Oftentimes, students turn for help to different writing services. They have some reasons to do that. Students face a lot of assignments, which have different purposes. In addition, every discipline also has its own peculiarities. Finally, students may have some personal problems or health issues that interfere with the normal learning process. As a result, many of them fall behind the program and are forced to look for some alternative solutions. To hire a reliable paper writing service is one of them.

However, you cannot hire the first agency you find on the Internet. There are many fakes or platforms that offer papers of poor quality. In the meanwhile, they charge high and simply rob their clients. You have to be cautious and always verify the dependability of any resource. It’s necessary to know certain criteria that signify that a paper writing service can be trusted.

Consider the following points:

  1. A high quality.
  2. A possibility to meet deadlines.
  3. The reasoning of prices.
  4. Refund and guarantee policies.
  5. Plagiarism free work.
  6. A choice of writers and writing styles.
  7. Free revisions.

Criteria #1

It goes without saying that you look for the help that meets the top academic standards. Therefore, your task number one is to check the quality of the writing service. Look for customers’ testimonials, read some samples, define the rating given by some independent sources (there are special informative sources), and so on.

Criteria #2

Every paper has a time limit not to be violated. Ask how quick the writers and editors are. Some agencies may cope with your task in a couple of hours and the others need four or more hours. Time means a lot and this difference may be decisive for your success. Of course, the ratio of time and quality ought to equal. It would be no good to receive quick help that is of poor quality.

Criteria #3

Give special heed to the price policy. This is one of the most important conditions for the majority of students. Most students cannot afford too many expenses and they hope to find a resource that sets moderate prices but offers quality assistance. Luckily, this is not a myth but a reality. There are multiple writing companies that set compromising prices and compose great essays.

When you choose an agency, make sure it allows full customization of your order. It’s a great priority if you have such an option. Some agencies may not offer it. Why is it so important? When you fill in an application form, you should specify the following details:

  • Assignment type;
  • Deadline;
  • Length;
  • A choice of an expert;
  • Kind of services;

All these points affect the price. If you change any of them, you also change the cost. For example, when you choose a native speaking writer, his or her services will cost more compared to experts whose English is the second language. The same goes for other conditions. The urgency, the type of paper, size and other conditions may either increase or decrease the cost.

Use an online calculator, which is commonly offered by academic writing companies. Fill in the demands and see the results. If the price is too expensive, change some of your demands until the price suits your financial possibilities.

Criteria #4

Find out whether your agency guarantees to refund and protects your investments. It’s too risky to trust even the most highly reputed essay writing services. Even the best may sometimes fail their clients. However, if your platform is honest it will offer your guaranteed compensation. You should receive an agreement on this matter. In case, your order and terms are accepted but something was fulfilled inappropriately you have the full right to get your money back.

Don’t forget to determine the odds of compensation. Some agencies provide full and the others partial refunding. Commonly, the sum of cashing-back is dependent on the severity of mistakes and their kind.

Criteria #5

Every piece of writing must be authentic and your website is obliged to ensure this demand. You should be allowed checking the uniqueness of your orders. A platform should offer its own plagiarism checker. You can also use other types you prefer and trust. Thus, you will surely know whether this condition of originality is met by your helper.

Criteria #6

Make sure your most reliable essay writing service is able to provide you with various academic writers who have various talents. It would be no good if your writing platform offers a few experts. Always check how many ENL writers and editors work for this company. Their number should be at least 300+. It’s essential because such websites have hundreds of customers every day and if they lack workers, you’ll have to wait for your turn too long. Consequently, you may run out of time.

Another benefit of a large staff is a variety of writing options. Not all of your issues derive from writing. Perhaps, you cannot find dependable informative sources or can’t generate thesis and topic ideas. Remember that your writing platform is supposed to offer writing, rewriting, outlining, editing, proofreading, citing, referencing and other services.

Criteria #7

Many users forget about the possibility to order free samples. This is the full right of everyone if the writing website is fair enough. These are copyrighted samples. Nonetheless, they provide you with an ability to judge for yourself how good the papers are.

7 Criteria Choosing a Reliable Paper Writing Service

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