7 Fundamentals of a Successful SEO Strategy

 Mathew Jade
  Jul 18, 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to success for any content available on the Internet. In the absence of an effective SEO strategy, the content is bound to lose its value and reach, which in return would squeeze up the conversions of the company.

Followings are seven fundamentals of a successful SEO strategy:

1. Original & Valuable Content

We already stressed how important it is to use good keywords and meta descriptions to drive traffic to your webpage. So it only goes to show that what can really increase the level of that organic traffic is by giving your audience the best quality content your website can offer.

In fact, it has been stated that not only does quality content deliver good use of keywords, but it also provides an impressive user experience. If you can create quality and unique content for your website, people are likely to stay on your page longer and get the extra education in the process.

The better your content is, the more people will stay on your site. Thus, it will boost your sales and increase the chances of your site appearing on the first page of Google search engine results. The original and organic content can increase the ranking of your website which will result in more traffic for your website.

The effective use of content-related research and other strategies, including communication strategy by Melinda Bak is very important for the success of an SEO strategy. The use of proper and effective headings and subheadings within the content is also crucial when it comes to an effective SEO company strategy. The use of boring headlines is poisonous to your content therefore always try to be creative with catchy titles. It will drive sustainable traffic to your content for the long term as search engines always give priority to the top-quality content with proper use of headings and subheadings.

2. Use of Social Media

Social media has stolen the limelight in the last decade or so, especially with reference to content marketing. Apart from the Search Engine Marketing, the top digital brands always have a dedicated team for the social media marketing officials who not only spread the word across the Internet but also become the face of the company to its customers. Other than the organic traffic, brands rely heavily on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to drive users to your website by using relevant headings, keywords, and hashtags. An effective use of social media will increase your followers which is a marketing tool in itself since their approval inspires others to look up to your brand for their needs.

3. Use of keywords in website URLs

The use of targeted keywords in URLs of your website is also a very important aspect of a successful strategy. It all starts with keyword research which allows you to know the exact combination of words and phrases to attract users to your web page or web store. The focus should be on the most common and trending keywords. After all, it is all about attracting customers to your website.

Also being another important factor, keywords are a part of title words of your webpage link that gets down on the search engine results. They are used to drive targeted audience towards your webpages with the use of carefully chosen specific words. These keywords are also what defines how your webpage is being indexed in the Google search algorithm. So the better your words are, the higher your webpage gets ranked.

To find the right keywords, you must know what the virtual users want and how your products can be of service to them. Suppose your line of work involves managing hotels in Italy. In that case, people who want to stay in Italy might write words like ‘hotels in Italy’ or ‘Italy Hotels’. You can then use that phrase to your keyword choice and use it to attract these virtual users towards your webpage.

4. User-Friendly

Although it has nothing to do with the website content, but user-friendly websites are now becoming more and more important for the success of SEO strategies. As written by Robert Berris in his article Three UX Principles That Help Your Website Do Its Job Right, “During the last two years, Google has evolved to place a much higher emphasis on sites that deliver quality user experiences across platforms. Though traditional ranking factors are still king, search engine optimization is increasingly becoming user optimization.”

5. Meta Descriptions

Similar to keywords, meta descriptions are the small phrases written just below the link of your webpage in the search engine results. These phrases are really important because they give the first impression of what your webpage content is like.

It is vital that you get these descriptions to be good enough to make virtual users want to continue reading or get to know what exactly your website is. The way that you can make it appear better is by writing the phrases with better use of words. An example of these meta descriptions are words that can be something along the lines that answer the questions of your targeted audience.

You need quality and unique words to make these different yet better descriptions which helps rank your webpage higher in the search results and unique choice of words are sure to peak the curiosity of future virtual customers.

6. Add Images

Another factor that many online business owners fail to take into account how effective the use of images can be in developing some of the best SEO strategies.

Aside from the web results, Google also produces Image results as well. If you have pictures related to your products or services, put up as many good quality ones as you can. This way, people who are more interested in the images rather the web results, also get exposed to some of the business products in the image result section. A lot of people will want to look into what site owns these pictures, depending on if the quality of your pictures is good enough to captivate your audience. Furthermore, the number of times they will click onto that specific image will increase the chances of your images being shown first in the Google image results AND the web page results.

7. Back Linking

Backlinks are vitally important for increasing the success rate of your SEO strategies. If you aren’t sure what backlinks, let’s first get to know what they are and how they can help your website. Backlinks are your website links that can be found harboring on different websites. Also, if the sites that are having your link in them, are considered reliable than Google will acknowledge the source. That in turn, will improve your online authority and your SERP ranking will be affected in the best ways possible.

Wrapping Up...

Search Engine Optimization is a specialized job and you need specialized people to make it a success story for your brand. It is one of the most important tools of digital marketing which plays a pivotal role in the success of your content and website. Although basic SEO is not a tough task, but it is always good to have the services of an expert so that you have all the bases covered. Hiring an SEO specialist could be the best decision you can make on your way to building a successful brand. The above-discussed seven fundamentals can turn out to be the backbone of your SEO strategy if you’re looking for long term results. You can create new SEO plans, keeping in mind the above-mentioned topics and give your brand a new life on the Internet.

7 Fundamentals of a Successful SEO Strategy

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