7 Important Mobile App Metrics (often overlooked by marketers)

 Kinjal Patel
  Apr 07, 2017

When we look at the below staggering statistics:

  • 26 percent of mobile apps are accessed only once
  • 80-90 percent mobile apps are sooner or later deleted

The above stats have compelled the developers and marketers to start focusing on the mobile app metrics that makes the most difference. It is quite common for mobile app developers to develop their mobile marketing strategy on the basis of only a few metrics, such as downloads launches and app revenue. And yet the most important and insightful metrics often get overlooked, which causes an app to die with time. After all the trouble you went for in developing your application, you would obviously wan it to have a long and successful service life. Check out 7 important mobile app metrics that would help with the growth of your application:

Number of Active Users

Is your app all-important to customers? The monthly active users (MAU) and daily active user (DAU) would tell you just that. This indicates the unique number of people that used your application on a particular day or month, respectively. The usage of app is likely to decrease with time, thus, you need to develop an engaging app that users can’t live without.

Permissions Granted Ratio

As push notifications & in-app messaging drive strong mobile engagement and both are vital for an app’s success, app publishers generally make the mistake of promptly sending out push permission requests. When app developers make this kind of requests too soon it can lead to the disruption in the user’s app experience which would lead to reduced engagement and increased uninstalls. On measuring the rate of permission requested to those who accepted, app developers can understand if and when these requests work best.

Ratio of uninstalled apps

Installs (or downloads) are an important metric to track your app’s progress however the counter side is often neglected. Even though installs are an acquisition metric, uninstalls are a retention metric. The uninstall rate states how many users have discontinued using the app. This, in turn, would help you in understanding the long-term sustainability of your app. If your app has a high rate of uninstalls then that might indicate a major issue in your application. Thus, it gets critical to uncover and resolve issues.

Cost per Loyal User

The majority of people understand completely how much they expend on gaining a new user. But, what is still more important is the cost to acquire a loyal user or CPLU (Cost per Loyal User). The term “loyal” can be defined as a user who sticks around and who continues using the app for minimum seven days. The CPLU imparts much more consequential understanding than just the “cost per user”, considering it gives an idea of your spending on users that are of much importance.

You can calculate CPLU with the below formula:

Cost of Loyal Customer = Total cost of promotion campaign related to acquisition / Total number of loyal customers acquired

Customer Lifetime Vale

The CLTV (Customer Lifetime Vale) indicates the revenue or the profits from your application. More accurately, it is the amount of money your app would make from a single user; all the while the user chooses to use the app as well as the amount of profits from when a user refers your application.

You can calculate CLTV with this formula:

(Avg. value of a sale) x (No. of Repeat Transactions) x (Avg. Retention Time in months or years for a general user)

App Launch Time

Delay in the launch of an app is a really bad idea, as it significantly influences the user’s attention. It is thus recommended to place the content locally and closely track this metric.

Session Length

Session length is termed as how much time the app is in front of the user. Calculating the length and number of sessions will give you a basic idea of exactly how engaging your app is. A longer session length indicates that your app is valuable, functional and engaging.

Considering these important mobile metrics will allow you to figure out app issues early on, as well as introduce improvements with every update. Ultimately, these often overlooked mobile app metrics would help the mobile app marketers in building and maintaining a highly engaging app.

7 Important Mobile App Metrics (often overlooked by marketers)

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