7 Romantic things boyfriends do that girlfriends love

 Mian Azhar
  Aug 15, 2018

Relationships are just amazing. There are few things as beautiful as having someone to go home to.

Relationships can be extremely beautiful if both partners make each other extremely happy, and fulfill each other’s needs. However, not all relationships go well as some are troubled.

Handling a relationship and keeping it going smoothly is easier said than done. If you think a perfect relationship is one where two people never fight then you’re hugely mistaken.

All people fight, even your favorite couple does. It is okay and natural to fight. What is important is that you do not let these fights or arguments change the love that you have for each other.

The most important thing is to appreciate your partner. Sometimes, we take things for granted or pay no attention to the efforts our partner put in to make us happy.

In this article, we are going to talk about seven romantic things boys typically do that make girls go awww.

Without much ado, let’s have a look:

1. Hug Your Girl

One thing girls love are hugs from their boyfriends. This induces a sense of safety and security. Girls just love it when their boyfriends hug them, it makes them feel relaxed and also helps relieve stress. In fact, even science has proven the positives of a hug.

It relaxes your muscles, helps you get rid of stress and also strengthens your immune system. Plus, it doesn’t only soothes your girlfriend but will have a similar effect on you as well.

Consider hugging your girlfriend in public, nothing makes a girl more secure than a hug from her boyfriend in public. You can walk with your hand around her waist to let her know you’re there for us.

Don’t shy away from hugs even when you're home. It is a part of being intimate, which can strengthen relationships.

A hug does not always have to be long, but long hugs are definitely better.

2. Hold Her Hand When You’re With Her

Girls love holding hands. Consider holding hands when you’re in public enjoying a nice stroll or shopping around.

If you’re driving a car just reach out with your hand and intertwine your fingers, but make sure not to let it distract you.

3. Do Something Nice For Her

Make an effort for her to make her feel loved and important.

Compliment her, especially if you don’t do it too often. Tell her how amazingly gorgeous she looks today, or how her skin is glowing.

Consider cooking a meal for her. You certainly don’t have to be Gordon Ramsey to make her happy. Even the gesture that you took time to cook for

her can make her extremely happy.

Pay attention to when she tells you about the little things she loves. For example, if she tells you how much she loves pasta from a specific place, grab it for her when you can.

4. Wrap Your Arms Around Her

Girls love attention from their boyfriend especially when they are around other people. They hate it when their boyfriends give attention to other people. Women by nature are said to be more possessive, so why make her feel insecure?

Wrap your arms around her whenever you’re in public, especially when you’re at a party among friends. Let others know you’re together so she has no fears.

5. Make Her Feel Special by Smothering Her

Shower her with care and love like she’s your little girl. Pay attention to small details and act on them.

Girls love to get spoiled so have days where you let her be the little baby she wants to be.

6. Cuddle With Her

Women love to cuddle. Cuddle with her when you’re watching a movie together or are just lazing in the bed.

Try making her favorite hot beverage on a cold rainy day and cuddle with her while you watch it pour.

7. Do Small Things

Small things are everything to the girl, they pay more attention to these than to fancy dinners or expensive gifts.

In case you don’t live together call her before bedtime. You should be her first-morning wish and last night wish. These small things help strengthen the bond and make love grow.

Randomly hold her, regardless of whether you’re in public or cuddling in bet watching a movie, and kiss her forehead.

8. Give Her Gifts

Pick a nice name necklace for her or get her tickets to her favorite show. Such random gifts can make her day.

Gifts do not always have to be expensive. It is the thought that counts. Just pick something you’re sure she’d like and you are good to go.

If your boyfriend is in the habit of doing such things, make sure to appreciate him, and if you are a boyfriend reading this, then make sure to pick some of the abovementioned habits. Your girl will definitely love you more for doing so.

7 Romantic things boyfriends do that girlfriends love

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