7 Ways to Generate Leads from Instagram & Increase ROI

 Alex Mahone
  Jun 05, 2018

Instagram is one of the newcomers in the social media arena. But if you even have some basic knowledge about social media platforms, you may know that their performance is not measured from the time of their inauguration, but the traffic they are able to generate. In this regard, Instagram is one of the best platforms to generate leads and increase your conversion rate, so that your sales can be enhanced.

One of the biggest factors that influence the results of different digital marketing campaigns on social media is the ease of use and the features you can avail. With this basic criteria, it is clear to everyone that Instagram is a great place to devote your time and capital to generate leads and conversions. Instagram has a great potential to launch your brand and reach a wider range of followers and potential customers than any other platforms.

Instagram: the next best thing?

According to different researches conducted by web outlets and surveys, Instagram has more than 800 million users. With the never stopping number of users, it is going to be a billion very soon. Furthermore, every two-thirds of Insta users log onto their accounts on their mobile phones and desktops daily. The research also shows us that women use Instagram more than their male counterpart, and their age is between 18 years to 30.

By studying this data drawn from a different analysis, we can deduce that Instagram is the platform to invest and work on if you want success. It is the future of social media marketing and more businesses are realizing it and although they are keeping their focus on other social media platforms, they are also transitioning to Instagram. There are four steps to generate leads and sales on Instagram: Fascinate, transform, encourage and close. Follow these basic steps and launch your business on this platform.

Potential of Instagram

Just like any other social media, there is a lot of potential in Instagram. However, it requires dedication and hard work from your Instagram team and a good planning of setting targets by marketing analysts. Before launching yourself on Instagram, it is imperative to understand the nature of your business and the ones that are successful in this image sharing app. Suppose you run an online travel agency, and provide a dedicated aggregator online for travelers to compare cheap flights, so that they can save their hard earned money. You can always promote your work by uploading traveling photos or infographics about different cities that are offering a discount.

But if you want to sell some stuff which isn’t relevant to the users of Instagram, we can tell you it is highly likely that you won’t succeed and judging the potential of Instagram will be unjust.

Instagram can also help you generate organic traffic that can further enhance your page and domain authority and Google PageRank. These benefits may seem small to you but they play a huge role in enhancing your organic search engine rankings. So there is a lot of advantages in the long term run of business on Instagram.

How to generate leads from your Instagram and increase conversion?

Following are 7 tips and tricks to generate leads from your Instagram and increase conversion rate. We hope you can reap the benefit of Instagram and make your business success.

Premeditate your content posting

There isn’t a common answer to how much you should post on your Instagram on the daily or weekly basis. It depends heavily on the nature of your business, so we recommend you to post at least once a day. Although you may not have that much divergence in your merchandise, you can still post some genuine relevant content to generate traffic and drive leads and conversions. If you have a good number of products, or you can generally post good quantity of stuff, then go for 2 posts a day.

Try to post at the time when you can find the maximum number of users on Instagram. Such as trying posting on central time zone timings. It will show your content to your followers on top of their results.

Rag on-site blog or content

Instagram is a platform that develops and encourages leads. So don’t close on your followers in just one step. Try to rag you on-site blogs or content to drive traffic to certain landing pages, or even product page themselves.

Instagram Stories

After Snapchat, Instagram was the platform for making stories and posting them. These stories appear on the top of home page and they are a great way to engage traffic and drive customers to your profile page, from where they can be diverted to landing pages.

Instagram Live

You can go live on Instagram and this will send a notification to all your followers. They can join and you can capitalize on this opportunity to tell them about your content, campaigns, and products. This is a great way to encourage others to buy your products by providing them information about it.

Prioritize your social media

When running so many social media platforms at one time, you need to set your priorities depending on the results you are getting from each social media page. It is not imperative to prioritize Instagram, but keep in mind that you need to set primacies depending on the traffic and potential on a specific social media platform.

Post shop able pictures

Make infographics and post pictures that are shop-able. Invest in your image designing and marketing and try to sell your product with persuasive image posting.

Announce Coupon Codes and Promotions

When your posts have a good fan following on Instagram and your posts are followed by a good amount of likes, but you are not able to generate a significant amount of leads and conversions from it. In this scenario, you need to announce coupon codes and promotions. This will attract customers who want to take this opportunity to shop and save with this discount, and you can also enjoy not only leads and conversions, but ultimately sales.

7 Ways to Generate Leads from Instagram & Increase ROI

Alex Mahone

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