7 Ways to Secure Your Relationships With Repeat Customers

 Ryan Tyson
  May 20, 2019

Everyone wants to feel understood and appreciated. Small business owners know that making customers feel appreciated will turn them into repeat customers. Use these tactics to provide individualized attention and build loyalty among your customers. Not only does this increase the likelihood of them returning, but it also makes them more likely to refer their friends to your business.

1. Personalize Communication

Relationship With Customers

With some planning and the right tools, it's easy to provide personalized communication to important customers. Studies show that most customers who leave a business do so because they feel undervalued. In most cases, customers expect an impersonal experience. They expect generic advertising and sales pitches too. When you use important customers' names and remember their preferences, it will surprise them and help you form lasting relationships.

Make customers feel important and valued by sending handwritten thank you notes, apologies if they seem dissatisfied in any way, or invitations to return after a lapse in their regular visits. Businesses should keep the lines of communication open with their repeat customer base and allow their VIPs an opportunity to make requests and let you know what they need.

2. Follow Up

After an important customer's visit, make sure you follow up to show your appreciation. It's critical to be genuine and let your customers know that their opinions matter. A thank you note can double as a request for feedback. Not only will you get the ratings you need, but you'll also collect valuable feedback on the needs and wants of your repeat customers which can inform your future business decisions. Let these customers know that your business can solve their problems. Companies that prioritize their customers' experiences tend to have much higher profits. Paying attention to your repeat patrons will contribute to your business's success.

3. Remember Personal Details

It doesn't take a lot of time to make notes on personal details a VIP customer might mention. When a business owner takes the time to remember these details, the customer will feel important and appreciated, and you will be on your way to building a long-lasting bond. Make sure to always greet your VIPs by name, and if they mentioned an upcoming occasion at your last meeting, ask how it went during your next interaction.

One of the easiest ways to keep track of your customers' important details is to use a customer relationship management (CRM) system. When you integrate this system throughout all of your operations, it ensures all of your workers on the same page regarding where the customer is at in the sales funnel.

Imagine greeting a customer at the door and asking whether they were pleased with the last interaction he or she had with your call center? The customer is not only going to be surprised that you knew about the interaction but that you remembered it too. More importantly, you're demonstrating that you care enough to ask whether the person's experience was pleasant or not. There are multiple affordable CRMs in which you can take advantage. A quick Google search will reveal several options.

4. Give Gifts to VIPs

Repeat customers' business doesn't require advertising and can account for a large part of a business's profits. These patrons are worth investing your extra time, perks, and attention. Keep track of your VIPs and spoil them with extras. Smart business owners not only send a thank you note or follow up to a VIP, but they also include incentives to return with the correspondence. Rather than impersonal vouchers, send more personalized offers like early access invitations or gifts to celebrate the anniversaries and milestones of your business relationship.

5. Host Special Events

There's nothing better than receiving a personalized invitation by postal mail or email inviting you to a special event. A great way to secure relationships with repeat customers is to host special events in which only your VIP customers are invited. You can decide what makes a customer a VIP; it could be patrons who have been doing business with you for more than two years, those who have spent more than $500, or however you want to categorize them.

As part of the special event, make sure to offer a truly unique offer to your VIPs, such as 30% off your products. This will draw the clientele into the store. Harley Davidson does an amazing job at hosting VIP events. Not only does the brand offer great discounts during the events, but they also serve their customers with customized cocktails and drinks. Harley Davidson creates a memorable experience that VIP customers have come to treasure.

6. Interact on Social Media

When customers make a purchase, make sure to ask them to follow you on social media. Once you connect with them on social media, you can interact with them on a regular basis. Even better, you can send a special shout out when they make a purchase from you. Imagine that Sally comes in and makes a purchase, and by the time she gets home, she has a special thank you message in her social media messenger from your company thanking her for her purchase. This kind of personalized attention is what keeps customers coming back again and again.

7. Always Send Out a Happy Birthday Offer

Too many brands forget to take advantage of their customers' most special day -- their birthday. Using your CRM, make sure to keep track of each customer's birthday and send out a happy birthday card either by postal mail or email. In addition to wishing the customer a happy birthday, add a special offer of some type. It could be anything from 10% off their next purchase to $20 off a purchase of $100 more. Several brands already send out happy birthday offers, so it's pertinent that you do as well.

When business owners intentionally personalize their customers' experiences, the customers will feel valued. VIPs who trust your business and feel appreciated could send you your next VIP. Exceed their expectations by using these tactics to surprise your patrons and forge meaningful relationships that will translate to success for your business.

7 Ways to Secure Your Relationships With Repeat Customers

Ryan Tyson

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