8 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Car In Best Shape

 Mathew Jade
  Aug 30, 2019

Many people have an emotional attachment to their cars which is why they take care of it as if it were their own child. Some tend to admire them, some use it for work and some just like the feel of driving a car. There are approximately 1.4 billion registered cars globally – it means that the majority of households own a car!

Purchasing a car is not easy, you have to dig into all your savings for it – which makes it impossible to get a new one every year. Therefore, you need to take care of it. Regular maintenance can help your car stay in good condition, while improving its efficiency and durability at the same time. Cars in a favorable condition also tend to have a higher resale value.

8 Amazing Tips to Keep your Car in the Best Shape

Regular Brakes Checkup

Brakes fail due to lack of maintenance or at times, just by chance. If you ever feel that brakes are not as smooth as they used to be or making screeching sounds every time you press it, you need to take it to a mechanic at your earliest.

Just like other parts of the car, brakes could also get damaged. Sometimes, the fluid inside the brakes starts to leak. Checking up brakes is essential — incorporate it into your busy schedule.

Check the Tires

Your tires need to be inflated with the right amount of air. If they’re poorly inflated, it could lead to high fuel consumption. The car runs on the tires which is why you must make sure they are not punctured and have enough air.

Every car has its own specifications and hence, cars need to be inflated in accordance with their specifications. If you think of getting a lot of air inflated all at once, it could burst your tire! So, make sure you get your tire pressure checked once a while. There are specific tools available for checking tire pressure — invest in them if you do not have a car workshop nearby.

Oil Changing

You might think that cars only need fuel to run properly. The truth — oil is what makes cars function well. Hence, you must get your oil changed once a month.

Changing oil once a month enhances the efficiency of your engine. Usually, mechanics suggest changing it after 3000 miles. If you’re new to the world of cars, you can ask your mechanic to teach you how to check the car oil. You must check it daily in case of any oil leaks.

Modify Engine’s Air Filter

Every car requires the right amount of air and fuel to function properly. We all are aware of how polluted city air is and just imagine what if your car breathes this air!

The air your car needs, must be free from pollutants because every car has a built-in air filter. Especially if you drive on long routes, it becomes important that you assess the condition of these filters and small electric motors. It’s imperative to check whether it needs regular maintenance or replacement. Negligence can ruin the efficiency of your engine.

Replace Wipers

You may realize the monsoon season is just around the corner and your wipers are full of rust, making weird sounds while moving. It’s impossible to drive with malfunctioning wipers – since you won’t be able to see the road at all.

Yes, it’s true that every part of your car needs maintenance. Replacing wipers is quite cheap – hence, there’s no reason you don’t want it to get it done quickly.

Check Drive Belts

The engine of a car is what a heart is to the human body. It just doesn’t make your car move but it regulates everything that is there in your car through drive belts. Every car has one or two drive belts to enable the smooth functioning of the whole car.

You may have changed the oil but what if your drive belts need some attention? Drive belts are made out of rubber due to which they decay earlier than expected. It’s important that you check the condition of your drive belts regularly rather than waiting for a huge repairing expense.

Keep Interior Clean

How your car looks from inside matters a lot, especially when you sell it. Seat covers are a must especially if you have kids around. It helps you maintain the texture of the seats – increasing its worth.

The CD player is the next thing — install the latest one. A poor car interior could be a complete turnoff. If you adore cars, then you would also be looking forward to an exuberant interior. A great interior reflects the favorable condition of the car.

Select a Reputable Mechanic

There’s a workshop at almost every corner of the street. It makes it convenient for you to visit them if your car gets messed up.

You have to look for someone trustworthy — a car expert. Because only an expert would know how to do the job perfectly. It is better to get your car checked by the same mechanic since he would know your car very well and would be used to the techniques and tricks to fix it.

Almost everything in the planet needs maintenance and repairing. If you love cars and wish to keep them in the best possible condition. You can look into these 8 amazing tips to keep your car in the best shape. Sometimes, a good car condition could become heavy on your pockets, but it’s worth it. You learn some of the basic things to save some bucks. However, some people tend to get emotionally attached to their cars and automatically take care of it like a baby!

8 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Car In Best Shape

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