8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs VoIP

 Vishnu Sundaram
  Nov 13, 2017

Cast your mind back approximately 10 years and you may remember a time when VoIP was something of a niche and curious concept. The idea of using existing Internet connections to provide essential telephony is nothing new. In fact, it is a concept that has been around since the earliest origins of the Internet. Nevertheless, even just a decade or so ago, it still wasn’t entirely clear as to whether VoIP would turn out to be no more than a passing fad.

Fast forward to the present day and the answer has turned out to be a conclusive one to say the least. Not only is VoIP here to stay, but more of the world’s leading hardware and software developers than ever before are throwing their proverbial hats into the ring. From Nortel Symposium to Avaya IP Office and countless more besides, advanced VoIP systems have become something of a staple for the world’s most successful and innovative businesses. But at the same time, millions of businesses on a global basis continue to question whether and to what extent VoIP could benefit their own operations.

It’s natural to assume that the hassle of changing providers and the expense of installing VoIP may not be worthwhile. In reality however, VoIP is a rare example of a business investment where the benefits spectacularly outweigh any disadvantages.

Still not convinced?

Here’s a quick rundown of eight reasons why your business needs VoIP that could sway your opinion in the opposite direction:

1) Calls with VoIP cost less

First and foremost, the biggest advantage with VoIP is the way in which each and every voice call is guaranteed to cost you less. In fact, the vast majority of service providers these days offer packages wherein a set monthly rate is paid and all calls across the board are free. Local, long distance, international and so on – you will never pay a penny more than the agreed monthly subscription rate, regardless of who you call, how often you call and for how long. Brilliant for both reducing operational costs and keeping tabs on expenses.

2) No PBX to maintain

One of the biggest problems with conventional telephone lines is the way in which ongoing maintenance of your PBX is largely inevitable. Whether it’s installing new features, expanding your system, dealing with breakdowns or anything else across the board, it represents something of a bind that can be both inconvenient and expensive. One of the best things about VoIP being that it completely and permanently eliminates the requirement for any kind of physical PBX. The reason being that the virtual PBX you are provided with effectively exists far away from your business and can be managed, maintained, improved, enhanced and expanded from a simple computer-based dashboard.

3) Easy adoption

Contrary to popular belief, actually getting used to a new VoIP system in the first place can be surprisingly easy. While it’s normal to expect the most advanced telephony systems on the market to be needlessly complicated and demanding, this simply isn’t the case at all. The reason being that those behind the required hardware and software have been making huge advances in accessibility and user friendliness over the years. To such an extent that if you can handle and analog system, chances are you will find advanced VoIP exponentially easier and more enjoyable to work with.

4) Modern voicemail

Millions of businesses all over the world continue to rely on voicemail. Despite the fact that in a traditional context, it isn’t the most convenient or reliable messaging method. With VoIP, it becomes perfectly possible to automatically forward voice messages to your inbox, where you can then listen to them from any connected device, or even have them automatically transcribed into text.

5) No more fax machine

A surprising number of businesses these days continue to hold onto their antiquated fax machines. Even if they only tend to receive anything of importance via fax two or three times a year at best. Switching to VoIP represents the perfect excuse for getting rid of your office fax machines once and for all, given the way in which VoIP can cover each and every job a fax machine provides and so much more besides. At the opposite end of the spectrum, if your business is in any way reliant on fax machines, you are guaranteed to find the convenience and flexibility of VoIP an absolute godsend.

6) Easily upgrade to a VoIP system

It’s also natural to assume that upgrading your current systems to an advanced VoIP installation would be both time consuming and difficult. In reality, VoIP technology has come such a long way that it takes a matter of minutes to plug in the required devices and set up your system. After all, all that’s needed to power the system as a whole is your existing Internet connection. Which means that if you have a reliable Internet connection already, you’re halfway there!

7) Better customer service

One of the biggest advantages of stepping up to a higher standard of office communications in general is to enable your workforce to provide superior customer service. As you probably know yourself, people in general are not particularly fond of being repeatedly transferred, put on hold, cut off or generally required to jump through hoops to get through to whoever it is they need to speak to. With VoIP, it becomes exponentially easier to ensure that every customer reaches their required point of contact as quickly and efficiently as possible.

8) Advanced features for your business

Last but not least, modern VoIP bring your business and your workforce the kinds of advanced features and functionalities that go so much further than those associated with traditional telephone systems. Each of which having the very real potential to make a huge difference in terms of both productivity and efficiency. Regardless of the size or nature of your business, it is largely guaranteed that the advanced features and functionalities of an effective VoIP would have a beneficial impact on your organization’s bottom-line.

8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs VoIP

Vishnu Sundaram

Vishnu Sundaram is a blogger and an expert business consultant in voice and data communication industry. He loves to share more about the latest telecommunication systems, services, and its need.

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