8 Tips For Preventing Neck And Back Pain During Travelling

 Angelyn Jefyna
  Aug 03, 2017

Getting ready for a long trip with your friends or family?

Happy that you are excited about the enjoyment, but are you ready to take upon the challenges you are going to face during the trip, especially while sitting for an extended period on any transportation medium like a car, bus, train or flight?

Do not get weird; luckily there are few things you can do for reducing or eliminating the neck and back pain during traveling with ease.

Practicing Good Posture | Sit Upright

Though the transportation officers take advanced steps for providing the comfort to their users, most of the cars, buses and flights seat will not provide the maximum support that your lower back or body needs. So, in this case, achieving good posture is not possible, so you need to take some extra necessary steps to follow them during the travel.

Most of the professionals and experts advise travelers and other persons who spend long hours sitting in bus, car or flight to angle their seat back so that they can sit and relax their upper spine and back to maintain the good posture.

Few others recommend the persons to position their seat in an upright position so that both shoulders and head remain neutral for the comfort.

Carrying a Travel Pillow

Choosing the desired travel pillow based on your size and other characteristics can provide you the comfortable sleep during any trip, this also will provide strong support to your neck and therefore no chances for neck pain while traveling.

Most of the often travelers prefer to choose Trtl Travel Pillow or memory foam pillow for their trip as they provide better performance when compared to other types.

Taking a Break

If you are going to spend a vast time sitting on the travel, then make sure you are taking a break from sitting so that regular blood circulation is possible, this will be helpful in flushing out and nourishing the pain from the body.

Taking Turns | Lumbar Supports

If you are going to travel in the car with your friends and family, then divide the time for the members regarding the driving time so that you can relax your muscles and yourself, moving around and stretching hands and legs during the break will feel you high.

Make sure you are not stressing your lower back as much while the break as you might have already sat in an upright position for an extended period. In the case of traveling alone, then you need to take some lumbar cushions for the greater support.

Drinking Lots of Water

This is one of the better steps to keep you away from any pain during traveling; this will keep you less hydrated and jetlagged. Apart from that, this also helps in reducing your spine decompression and stiffness by keeping your disc and joints hydrated.

Follow Few Lower Back and Neck Stretches during traveling

There are some sets of easy stretches for lower back and neck to follow every hour so that you can eliminate the pain around them with ease. You need to hold on this stretches for about 30 seconds and also repeat them in the gap between one to three times.

Some of the lower back stretches involve seated glute stretch, Hamstring stretch, Calf Stretch and Flank Stretch. Few stretches for neck includes Tap stretch, Rotator cuff stretches and Pec Stretches.

Research Indeed

If you are going to travel on the flight, you can look for the flight's details like seat, compartments and much more online, based on the info you can take necessary things for the trip.

Ice and Heat Packs

There are a lot of ice and heat packs available in the market without using any microwave; you can buy them in a small quantity so that it would be useful in reducing the neck or back pain temporarily. Make sure you are placing a piece of cloth between you and the ice/heat pack, you also need to ensure whether the volume is not exceeding the airline allowances.

8 Tips For Preventing Neck And Back Pain During Travelling

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