8 Warm Places You Can Travel With Your Dog

 Jason Smith
  Nov 25, 2018


It is good to travel there is so much natural beauty in the world, and most of us will never see even a fraction of it, and every now and then, people will take their dogs with them on the road. However, some of these places are not that conducive for people with dogs. Does that mean that dogs are banned from traveling? No - on the contrary, traveling is more fun with dogs. If you are a dog person, it’s important to know what destinations welcome your pet, since, while people can stay nearly anywhere, dogs won’t be comfortable in some venues. The breed of your dog also plays a role in this, as some dogs have a higher tolerance than others.

Here are a couple of places to consider visiting, which also work for any dog.

San Francisco

Now, this is the kind of place that I would like to visit without even thinking twice. San Francisco has great, warm weather and the hotels, parks, and cafes are very dog-friendly. The people themselves are fantastic to be around. Thanks to all the open areas for you to walk your dog and enjoy the scenery, this is a great city to visit with a pet.


Now despite this being one of the smallest cities in the state of Virginia, it has a lot of people with dogs. As such, this is the kind of place that your dog will enjoy. I am actually tempted to say that it is the perfect place for your dog to bond with other canines. Trust me, you will also enjoy this place. It has good parks that are strategically located with easy access to facilities. One of the most important things is that it has clean air and its population density is quite lower than most other cities.


Shall I start with all the parks or shall I talk about the beautiful scenery? Drmartypets.com will be a very good place to visit to give your dog energy before going on this kind of expedition. You need to make sure that your dog is well-fed and taken care of before every trip. Ensure that they get a well-balanced diet from a wholesome meal. The thing I love about Portland is that it has some pretty good scenery and it is perfect for a weekend kind of experience. It is also a good place to visit with your buddies.


The great city of Chicago is at the top of everyone's list of places to visit. When you get some time, I suggest that you get there for a pretty amazing time. It has been ranked at the top of tours and travel lists, and it is proven to have some of the best weather for any day. Trust me, your dog will blend in with the atmosphere like they were really meant for the place. I love Chicago.


Arizona practically shouts a perfect day for you and your dog together. Arizona is the kind of place that you can be sure your dog will enjoy. I personally love that it has a controlled sort of heat, with a cooler breeze later in the day. It also has very many parks, which are great for getting your dog interested in the trip. It also has a pretty good supply of clean water and food. In case of anything, vets are within reach and you will also get to enjoy the people of Arizona as pretty friendly, even with strangers.

When you are looking for a place to take your dog, it is good to consider the kind of environment that you will be signing it up for. Get a cool place that is not strenuous. Also, try to visit a place that has a good population density, with other dogs also coming into the picture. When taking such trips, it is important to be well equipped for anything, so take your first-aid kit with you.


Key West the dog town of Florida has more than 40 dog friendly restaurants and 50 hotels offering dog friendly services and dog friendly beaches for your little princess. But the dog owners visit Key West for its most alluring doggie activities, like Wild About Dolphins and the famous sunset watching at Mallory Square, Where you’re are welcomed with a smile.


The city of Denver is at the top of every dog and its owner's list of places to visit. I suggest you to get there for a fun time. It has many popular parks where your dog can run without a leash, with breathtaking mountain views everywhere and hotels famed for warm doggie welcomes. Trust me, your dog will love to spend an evening exploring its creative paws in Denver’s arts district making dog friendly painting.


Dogs loves this funky town in the Appalachian foothills, with its large number of hotels and restaurants that welcome all dogs with wide smile and open paws and beautiful parks with an area for your four legged friends to go wild.

Life is too short to miss out on the good things and even shorter for our canine friends. Throw all your adult garbage aside for a while and go on an adventure of a lifetime with your dog. You won’t regret it, and most importantly your dog will never forget it.

8 Warm Places You Can Travel With Your Dog

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