9 Places Where You Can Watch Free Movies, Legally

 Gitashree Chakma
  Apr 05, 2017

If you are doubt what to see next on Netflix, we are about to multiply your problem by a thousand.
Getting bored is difficult if you have the Internet. The network is full of movies to download or watch free movies online, but if you feel a little suspicious because of the zeal of the US authorities towards torrent downloads, the truth is that the amount of multimedia content that can be legally (either because it is In the public domain or because its creators decided to share it for free) is almost infinite. You probably already know that Vimeo and YouTube are excellent sources of independent films and in the public domain, but there are also a lot of places where you can go and find hidden gems of the cinema: here are some.

1. Public Domain Torrents

If you prefer to download instead of streaming, Public Domain Torrents has lots of torrents of movies in the public domain, from classics to films of category B. The aesthetic of the site is the ninth thing you can imagine, but still that does not remove that you can find torrents with enough Charlie Chaplin movies to make a festival.

2. WatchDocumentary.org

For those who prefer a good dose of reality, WatchDocumentary.org is a site that is dedicated to find documentaries on other platforms (like Vimeo) and to organize them by categories. Things to keep in mind: "documentary" does not necessarily mean "true", and you will not be able to believe how many "documentaries" exist on September 11th.

3. OnlineShortFilms.net

A version of WatchDocumentary but for short films: OnlineShortFilms will help you navigate the huge world of shorts, animated or not, in the deep waters of the Internet.

4. TopDocumentaryFilms

Similar to WatchDocumentary, TopDocumentary offers a selection of more than 3000 documentaries, classified in 25 categories and obtained from external sources. Also worth noting that the site is a bit more friendly. A place to start: your top 100.

5. Classic Cinema Online

Of course, Classic Cinema Online is the place where you want to go if you like Gregory Peck, black and white movies and silent films . As an added touch, they have a sister site, Classic Television Online, where you will not only see old TV shows but also commercial ads. Do not miss the Kool-Aid announcement.

6. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is owned by Screen Media Ventures, an independent distributor that makes available on this page a rotating catalog of films in different categories: comedies, dramas, action films and horror. There is not much but if you feel the mood to see Ewan McGregor in The Snake Kiss, or Brad Pitt on The Dark Side of the Sun, you may be interested.

7. MoviesFoundOnline

Movies Found Online is also a guide to navigate the vast amount of material on the net. So basically indexing content from other sites like YouTube, but as an index is one of the best: you can find complete, classic and independent films, Documentaries and stand up, just to name a few things. A place to start: Aziz Anzari in Dangerously Delicious.

8. Crackle

Crackle is a streaming serviceowned by Sony that offers a rotating catalog of movies and series and to view them you only need to create a free account. In addition to movies, you can see things like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee or the strange black Norwegian comedy Hellfjord. The contra: The ads can become quite annoying.

9. The Internet Archive

Finally, the Holy Grail: The Internet Archive is an immense repository for millions and millions of files of all kinds: books, photographs and of course movies. On this site you can find lots of public domain movies that you can download, play, use and reuse, organized by categories such as science fiction, horror, silent movies, documentaries and so on. While the page is not exactly easy to navigate, the truth is that the immense amount of information it contains is well worth dipping into.

I think it's time to prepare a snack and push the play. Do not blame me for hours of wasted productivity.

9 Places Where You Can Watch Free Movies, Legally

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