9 things to consider before developing a mobile application

 Jay Patel
  Mar 15, 2017

Entrepreneurs are striving to create mobile-friendly versions of their website and apps that would add to the progress of their businesses. Thousands of applications are launched every day and these numbers are not going to scale down anytime soon. Applications help the business owners to promote their products and services efficiently. When it comes to reaching the right customers at the right time, applications turns out to be more beneficial. But, developing a mobile application is not an easy task. There are numerous factors that one has to consider before starting to develop an application. Check out the below list which might help you in developing a functional mobile application.

  • It is predicted that by 2019, the number of mobile users are likely to reach 5.07 billion.
  • Around 1.6 millions Android apps are available on the Google Play store
  • Around 1.5 millions iOS apps are available on the Apple play store

The above stats show that the demand for mobile phones, as well as mobile applications, is consistently going to rise. But with these increasing numbers, the quality of the mobile apps should not be jeopardized; in fact, the developers should make sure that the mobile applications they develop are useful, user-friendly as well as desired by the users.

In-Depth Market Research

Before you enter the app market and begin developing your business application, you should conduct a comprehensive market research. The thorough market research will give you a clear understanding about your competitors, their strategies, their strong and weak points too. This information will help in avoiding mistakes made by your competitors. Researchers generally neglect the customer reviews but these reviews can be useful in recognizing the likes and dislikes of the customers about any particular application. Hence, you should pay attention to the problem areas and try to solve them in your mobile app. By doing this, you are more likely to influence your competitor’s customers.

Application Loading Time

If your application takes more than the usual time to load, then you are most likely to lose your customers. In addition, it may create a negative impression of your mobile application in the user’s mind. To prevent users from leaving your application, you may try using the loading indicators and animations to assure them that the mobile application is still functioning.

Know Your Potential Customers

Before developing any application, it is very important to define the target customers as the development of your mobile application depends on that. It is vital to be clear about things as in who will use the app, how this app is going to help them, etc. If you meet the expectations of the target users, your mobile app is probably going to receive more recognition.

Application Efficiency

If you develop any application, do with 100% efficiency and accuracy, or else don’t do it. This is what every app developer should believe in and app efficiency is what every user expects out of mobile applications. The smartphones which excessively use 3G or 4G data are probably going to be downloaded and forgotten. And if you don’t want your mobile app to fall under that category, ensure that your business application utilizes data resourcefully and does not consume more than necessary data.

Deliver Something Unique

Human beings have a tendency to get bored of things very easily. They are always looking for something new and unique. Same goes for the mobile applications also, as there are so many mobile applications available on the play store, users want something different in any new application. Thus, you should develop something engaging so that users don’t jump on to other applications.

Appropriate App Valuation

App valuation is one of the most critical things which should not be neglected. Determining the price of your application is very important for the success of your app. A developer has to consider many factors before determining the correct cost of the application.

Focus On One Platform

Before developing an application, you should be clear about the number of platforms on which you want to launch our app. But, it is sensible to focus on one platform first and then launch your mobile app on multiple platforms.

Focus On App Marketing Strategy

Promoting your application before its launch is very important to get a positive response at the time of launch. It is essential to begin marketing at the correct time. It is logical for the developers to start their app marketing before 2-3 weeks from the launch date.

Application Testing

It is essential to test your application before it hits the app market. Your application has to be innovative, user-friendly and deliver high-end performance. Testing your application before its launch will help you in identifying any bugs before it reaches the app market.

Thus, any business should consider the above aspects, before beginning the development of their mobile application. As Mobile App Development involves so many development and marketing prospects, one should consider consulting an app development company for substantial returns.

9 things to consider before developing a mobile application

Jay Patel

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