A Complete Guide on Best Mattresses for Your Adjustable Bed

 Chris Smith
  Oct 24, 2016

Adjustable Bed

An adjustable bed needs a perfect mattress that can adjust according to its base. Using a flat bed mattress for the adjustable bed can quickly cause its breakdown. Also, you may not get proper sleep at night. Researchers strictly recommend buying adjustable mattress for the adjustable bed. A traditional bed mattress is not designed to repetitively bend at the same spots.

You need to be careful whenever you walk into a retail store to purchase the adjustable mattress. Many of the salespersons may not be even aware about the adjustable mattresses and they often end up selling you the traditional mattress at a large discount. You can get some of the amazing best black Friday mattresses deals from various online platforms, which are often specialised and can give you the quality adjustable bed mattress at affordable rates.

Easy rest's adjustable mattresses are generally designed, so as to bend for thousands of adjustments during their lifetime. An easy rest mattress can adjust to more than 1001 position and can even return back to its original position over and over again without any damage. A quality adjustable mattress allows you to experience an amazing relaxation, as the mattress fabric will not collect near your lower back.

An adjustable mattress allows you to customize the feel of mattress according to the individual needs. It can allow two people sharing the same bed to experience different firmness on their respective side.

However, if there is any change in your comfort preference, you don't need to replace the mattress. All you need to do is change the insert in your pillow top portion of mattress that can instantly give you a different firmness level.

What mattress should you use for your adjustable mattress?

Whenever, it comes to choosing an adjustable bed mattress, you need to consider different options that are available, but each option differs in the function and performance. The best option would depend on the construction, materials, thickness, comfort and of course the individual preference.

The right mattress would be able to flex and bend along with maintaining durability and flexibility. Adjustable bed can be used with four kinds of mattresses that are latex foam, memory foam, air beds or traditional innerspring.

Advance foam mattresses can offer the best range of features to use with your adjustable bed. It is because they are flexible enough so as to adapt to different base elevations, quality foams can easily withstand the motion and the support is not affected by the bending. Memory and latex foam both can perform equally well though each mattress offers different comfort features that shoppers can consider. Air beds and the inner spring can also be used with the adjustable beds, though they have some issues that shoppers should be aware of.

  • Memory Foam Mattress.

A memory foam mattress can be a good option for your adjustable mattress as it provides flexibility and durability. It is not under pressure or strain when bending or is not perfectly horizontal.

It can provide consistent support- even when the bed has been raised to an inclined position. With proper thickness, you can expect contouring comfort as well as the pressure reducing benefits.

  • Latex Mattresses.

It can also work well with the bendable frames. It is strong enough to tolerate the ongoing compression and the cellular structure can curve easily. You generally enjoy great support from latex mattress, no matter what is the position of your bed. It can give you the same long term durability and pressure free support as memory foam.

  • Spring mattress.

A spring mattress can decrease the benefits of your adjustable bedsit cannot give you the support that you need except if the mattress is absolutely horizontal and flat. The ongoing pressure and the movement can wear down the pillow top and spring that can hence increase your cost.


You need to consider various factors before buying an adjustable bed mattress. You can check the reviews and opinions of various people regarding each mattress at any online platform that can help you to purchase the right mattress for your adjustable bed.

A Complete Guide on Best Mattresses for Your Adjustable Bed

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