A Factsheet and Buying Guide Of Stackable Racks

 Justin Jersey
  Feb 23, 2018

Stackable racks are very useful mainly because it takes up less space and allows you to store more items. They comprise of collapse racks which can be folded away when not in use. They have a base and removable posts which can be totally detachable or may be attached with hinges. The base might be wooden or contain wire and steel.

There is a wide range of stackable racks based on their usage and designs. Some of the basic things which you must know about stackable racks are listed below. They will help you to find the ideal designs among the range of stackable racks.


You should know the dimensions of your stackable rack before you opt to purchase or order any from a manufacturing store. You’ll have to decide the spaces between your posts and the outer dimensions of your racks as well so that you know what size your stackable rack is going to be.


The next thing you should decide on is the height of your stack racks. There is a wide range of stackable racks depending on the height of your racks. For deciding the correct height, you should remember the height of your factory ceiling, sprinkler system, building codes, and HVAC.

Usable space on each rack

You must decide on the usable space of each rack on your storage racks. Here also you will find a wide range of stackable racks entirely based on the storage space available on each of its racks. This is noted to ensure the fact that no product is harmed when you are stacking your items together.


Stackable racks are extremely cost-effective as they have inbuilt pallets which automatically cuts down your cost of buying a pallet rack. Moreover, the stackable racks also provide you with numerous choices related to the price of the product you are going to purchase.

Better safety of products

Since you can decide on the usable space per rack of the storage racks, you don’t have to worry about piling one item above the other. Moreover, the vertical posts will allow your racks to be stacked at a great height which will eliminate any chance of damage due to products getting crushed against one another.

Save more space

Storage racks allow you to save more space than any other storage system. If you have a number of seasonal and extra equipment, then you easily stack them in storage racks without aisles. This way, you can save more space in your room or in the factory which can be used for different other purposes. If you are using portable racks with steel posts that can be collapsed and pushed together end-to-end and this will allow you to store the storage rack elsewhere when not in use! In fact, it has been noted that you save about 60% of your total storage space if you use storage racks.

Difference in design and shape

There exists a range of stackable racks based on their design and shape. You can have warehouse racks which are used for the purpose of keeping your products on the same level. Or you can have the factory stackable racks which use some high-quality raw materials and technology for piling up goods. Or you may also have the portable stackable racks which can be put away when not in use. Other designs and types include Dynamic rack system, Gravity flow racks, etc.

You will surely find a great variety and range of stackable racks in the market but since you now know all the basics of stackable racks and its various features, you can now decide on your own as to the type or kind of stackable rack you want to pick from the available variety. Stackable racks are available in a plethora of styles, designs, and patterns. You can buy the ones that suit your personality, your space, and your business.

A Factsheet and Buying Guide Of Stackable Racks

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