A Free Guide to Defrosting Your Fridge in Hours!

 David Harding
  Feb 22, 2018

So, you have had a fridge for a while now at your home in Auckland and you have done a lot to get away with the frosting inside. Am I right? It happens that the interior of your refrigerator turns much similar to Antarctica except for the fact that there are no penguins, only frost and ice.

No more worries! We are here with a detailed guide to help you defrost your refrigerator.

Before we move to the core details, let us first know what causes your freezer to frost up.

Causes behind frosting of your fridge or freezer in Auckland

The main allegation is to be directed to moisture, when it comes to aligning the causes of the frost inside freezer. Yes, moisture from outside air freezing and condensing interferes with the normal functioning of the refrigerator. The ice tends to block the ventilation ducts and interrupt the airflow resulting in cooler or warmer areas in the fridge spoiling the stored food.

We have highlighted some of the typical causes in detail:

Opening and shutting the fridge: Each time as you open the fridge or freezer, outside warm air enters and condenses; and as soon as the doors shuts, the temperature falls giving the moisture a chance to freeze and build-up ice.

Poor seals: In case your fridge door doesn’t seal well, warm air leaks into the cool refrigerator causing temperature fluctuations that again leads to freezing.

Hot food in your refrigerator: If you leave the leftovers in the refrigerator in warm conditions, the temperature variation can result in the condensation effect. If the food is stored in the steaming hot condition, the steam leads to extra moisture in the refrigerator.

How can I defrost my fridge?

Make the freezer or fridge ready for defrosting

Defrosting is suggested to be done in an empty fridge. Take out all the contents, either have a gluttonous party or store the food in a Styrofoam box with a lid. It depends upon your mood! If the process will take a while you feel, keep the food amidst dome ice packs or bags to maintain ideal temperature. Insulated cooler bags are also available in the supermarket; you can easily grab one for the purpose.

Remove the shelves, drawers and collect the leaking water

You should keep your fridge as emptier as you can to make the process of defrosting easier. So, keep your shelves ad drawers from the fridge in a safe place away from the reach of children, if you have any.

As the appliance starts defrosting, there will be a steady flow of water. Place a shallow tray in front of the fridge and have some towels or old newspaper laid around to soak any ice run off. To defrost, you can use a bowl of hot water – place it inside the fridge and see the ice melting in minutes.

Remove the ice carefully

In case you have big chunks of ice or ice pieces still clinging to the freezer interior, dislodge them carefully by thawing. It ensures no piece of ice drops off and damages the fridge. You can use a plastic spatula or wooden spoon for the purpose rather than going for knife, fork, scissors or ice-pick. These are not-so-good options for removing ice from the freezer or fridge. These might damage the refrigerator walls, which is the last thing you will ever want to happen to your fridge.

Clean your fridge properly and dry it off

BY the time the frost has completely melted and you have collected the matter, removed the ice chunks carefully, it’s time for a cleanup. Clean the fridge and freshen up.

Following this, ensure no moisture is left in the interior of the refrigerator and freezer. Dry it off completely and plug in back and turn the switch on.

Get things back to normal

Once everything is done, fix the drawers back, restore the food and beverages waiting outside all while the time you were defrosting.

Hopefully, you can now defrost your fridge easily like a professional. However, if you still have doubts of successful defrosting, you can call an expert of fridge in Auckland and ask them to assist you with their professional skills and experience.

A Free Guide to Defrosting Your Fridge in Hours!

David Harding

My name is David Harding owner of Appliance Warehouse Ltd. I am a professional business man as well as writer. I am running an appliance business scenes 20 year's. In this article I have explained about Fridges In Auckland and Freezers In Auckland .

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