A Mesmerizing Fantasy World For Fans By IGG: Mobile Royale Game

 Kevin Brown
  Jan 07, 2019

Mobile Royale is the brand new game recently launched by IGG. This game provides an incredible visual treat to its players with their impeccable and gripping 3D graphics. The most amazing thing about Mobile Royale is that every pixel of this game is on a single server which will, of course, allow the whole world to play together. Mobile Royale even translates languages in real time which eliminates many barriers for the players. This game is all about cultivating a city, building trade links with other cities, joining guilds and forming alliances across the game world. You will train different troops and build an unstoppable army for fighting.

How To Play Mobile Royale?

In Mobile Royale, you have to build your own base where you can train your own troops, summon and develop the heroes, build the buildings and develop it to raise the might. This game has a guild system which lets you participate in kingdom battles. All that you need to do in this game is build, upgrade, train, gather and attack.

There are 4 types of resources in Mobile Royale: food, wood, stone, and gold. A player needs these resources for building, upgrading, training, and researching. You run out of resources as you play the game. There are three ways to get the resources, build production buildings at the base, gather from the world map and attack other player’s base.

Gathering the resources: You can get food, wood, gold or stone RSS points from the world map. To gather resources from the world map, you have to send the troops but a small number of troops can gather a small number of resources from RSS points. In order to gather maximum resources, you need to increase the troop load and to do that; you need to train more troops in the barracks. Now, there is a limitation regarding sending a number of troops to an enemy’s base or harvest point, you cannot send an unlimited number of troops. This limit depends upon the hero’s level, the more heroes you develop, more troops you can send for attacks and harvest points.

Looting the resources: Looting is not an easy task when you are playing Mobile Royale. Most of the resources of the base are secured under vault’s protection. The resources you can loot beyond this limit are very few. Now, if you want to loot an enemy, head to the world map, then tap its base and attack. But make sure you do not target any powerful enemy.

When an enemy attacks you, it affects your might, troops, wall, and buildings. To protect your base, you need to raise the might, research techs in Sage building, training troops, activating the talents, equipping the gears and by powering up the heroes.

Basic Mobile Royale Game Rules


Heroes lead the army in campaign battles, harvesting, defence, attack, and wars. The strength of a hero obviously affects the whole army base and your might. There are total 15 heroes, each with a unique skill set in Mobile Royale. To unlock or summon heroes, first, you need to acquire the soul stones.

Level up the hero

In Mobile Royale, there are two ways to level up a hero, one is using the EXP potions and secondly by defeating the monsters on the world map in campaign battles.

EXP potions: to earn EXP potions you have to complete the quests, defeat the monsters and earn rewards throughout the game. For using the EXP potions, just go to the hero’s profile, tap the + icon next to the level, tap the use button and select the quantity.

Promoting heroes

promoting hero is no different than recruiting a hero. You need soul stone for this too. Promoting the heroes increase skill strength, attributes and unlock rune stones.


You are able to runes either from runes chest or by defeating the monsters. The runes are used to improve specific stats of the hero

To summarize, everything you need to do in Mobile Royale is,

  • Building and upgrading the buildings
  • Researching
  • Training troops
  • Trading to get items
  • Developing heroes
  • Gathering the resources from the map
  • Hunting the monsters
  • Leveling up
  • Completing the quest
  • Helping guild members
  • Completing event missions
  • Setting up defences


The player plays as a lord in the Mobile Royale. For increasing the Lord level, the player needs player EXP. To earn the player EXP, you need to defeat monsters in the campaign, complete the city goals, hunt for monsters, clan villages, and army battles.

A player can forge the equipment of the lord, in the smithy building. For forging you might need to gather resources and hunt some monsters.

When a player (lord) levels up, they earn talent points. You can utilize these points in activating boosters, military, and economy.

This is all about Mobile Royale Game. To know in details about the Mobile Royale game, post your queries in the comments section.

A Mesmerizing Fantasy World For Fans By IGG: Mobile Royale Game

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