Abu Dhabi Tours ? The Place of Modern Architecture

  May 11, 2018

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the Middle Eastern state - the United Arab Emirates that is considered colorful and vibrant place. The city is a stand-alone holiday destination on its own and it is a prosperous city of the Middle East. Abu Dhabi is located near Dubai, another marvelous location full of modern architecture and inventions. Abu Dhabi is a captivating holiday destination with the quieter environment than Dubai. The city woos its travelers with its marvelous architecture, spellbinding man-made islands, to lavish hotels and thrilling amusements. Abu Dhabi will be the ideal place if you have been to a desert city.

The place has one thing or the other for everyone in the family, from adults to kids. The mixture of Abu Dhabi’s glamour and Arabic charm invites visitors of all ages & kinds. It is a traditional city offering a different style of Arab and its opulence, mixed with rich traditions and well-grounded history. There is so much to do and explore in Abu Dhabi that you cannot spend your time sitting idle in the hotel. Holiday packages in Abu Dhabi will be the ideal option for your vacation.

While visiting the UAE, people most often book their visit to Dubai and ignore Abu Dhabi. We recommended you to visit Abu Dhabi which is just one and a half hour away from Dubai. The place is home to some of the epic tourist attractions in the country and probably the better tourist destination for tourists coming to the city. Abu Dhabi is the most important city in the country politically, geographically, and historically.

Famous Sightseeing in Abu Dhabi


It is undoubtedly the most beautiful mosque in the UAE and it is the sight that you cannot miss in any way. It is a sight to see, with pure marble walls decorated with gems and it is truly a structural piece of art.


It is the perfect place for people looking for a thrill in their tour. Children and young blood will like the tour most as it is full of fast rides. Ferrari has created one of it is the only amusement park in the city that attracts tourists all over the world.


It is the most luxurious hotel in the UAE with true jaw-dropping sight. This hotel is the most luxurious space in the UAE and it goes down in history as the most expensive built hotel.


The beach has been awarded a coveted Blue Flag status and the water is clean & safe on the beach. You can spend a lovely afternoon on the beach or enjoy the evening winds of the sea nearby the beach.


It is a majestic Park Zoo in the Al Bahia region. The place is home to 1700 animals and some of the wildlife that is exclusively available in the Zoo.

These are just some of the famous spots where you can spend time during your stay in the city. Other than that, there are other superlative spots that can mesmerize your mind & heart. Abu Dhabi is surrounded by vast lush green parks and skyscrapers. There is a lot to do in the city and you cannot simply waste a single day sleeping in your hotel room. Walk out of your hotel and lie down on the white shiny beach taking a sunbath or simply shop till you drop in magnificent malls. Abu Dhabi is hosting most of the world’s best brands in the well-designed shopping malls.

As soon as you arrive in the city, you will be tempted to leave the glitz and glamour of your hotel room to venture the city. Abu Dhabi holiday packages are the desirable options to make to your stay an eventful one in Abu Dhabi. Get tours and travels to most beautiful sights in Abu Dhabi within no time. Full day city tour in Abu Dhabi lets you chill out in green gardens or stroll down to the Ferrari World Theme park. Visit the mosques of the place and learn about the rich culture & history of the place.

Abu Dhabi Tours ? The Place of Modern Architecture


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