Advantages of folding mattresses

 Chris Smith
  Mar 10, 2017

folding mattresses

Folding mattresses are mattresses which fold up for easy transport and storage. These types of mattresses usually have three panels and they fold in two sections. They are good for guest beds or for children taken to sleepovers. They also work well for those who go camping, travelling or just lounging in the living room.

The first advantage of a folding mattress is that it is easy to store. Most of these types of mattresses are tri-fold and can slide into a closet easily for safe storage. They occupy little space in the closet so if you want a guest bed that will not just stay there unused when there are no visitors, a folding mattress is the best one to purchase. You can bring it out when you require it and you can store it when you do not need it.

The second benefit of folding mattresses is that they are awesome for travelling. If you like travelling a lot a folding mattress will save you from the pain spending the night on a couch. A folding memory foam mattress for instance is more comfortable than the normal futon and it is also much better than a saggy couch.

The third benefit of folding mattresses is that they are perfect for camping. These mattresses are a perfect alternative to sleeping bags. Also a folding mattress will occupy a very small space in a car and most models have carrying handles which makes travelling easy.

The fourth benefit of folding mattresses is that they are not expensive. Compared to traditional mattresses, folding mattresses are very cheap. You can even get the most expensive folding mattress at 200 dollars in a store like Traditional mattresses on the other hand cost so many dollars and even some air mattresses can also cost you so much.

The fifth benefit of folding mattresses is that they are versatile. Folding mattresses can be used for many other activities apart from sleeping. They can be folded to form a footrest or an ottoman. There are also other models which can be folded to form a chair to sit on. Apart from all these, folding mattresses may also be kept in the sitting room for lounging when watching television.

The sixth benefit of folding mattresses is that they are suitable for kids. Children will enjoy using folding mattresses as playing mats where they roll on them and play without worrying about hitting the ground which can injure them. A lot of folding mattresses have removable covers which ease washing and most of them can be washed with a machine. Children may also carry folding mattresses when they go for sleepovers and this is a more effective alternative to sleeping bags.

The seventh advantage of a folding mattress is that they form wonderful guest beds. Folding mattresses are ideal guest beds especially for those people who live in a place that has a small space. Visitors will feel more comfortable sleeping on a folding mattress than sleeping on a couch. Folding mattresses have more room to move around compared to the couch and a part from that they are designed for sleeping unlike the couch with is designed for sitting. Folding mattresses are also perfect for people who do not have a room for visitors to sleep. This is because they can be kept in a closet until the time when they are needed

The eighth benefit of folding mattresses is that they are comfortable compared to the other portable mattress options. A perfect folding mattress will offer you a lot of support and let you sleep comfortably. It is more superior that sleeping bags for travelling or camping.

An example of a good folding mattress that you should consider buying is the lucid 4. This is a twin size mattress that doubles as a chair and a sleeper. It offers comfortable seating and functions as a convenient visitor mattress. The lucid 4 is also perfect for sleepover guests, dorm rooms, kids’ playrooms, camping and cabins. It can also be used as a portable cushion, mattress topper and as a guest bed instead of using trundle beds, futons and bunk beds. A part from that, the lucid 4 folding mattress has no harmful odors and it is resistant to dust mites and it is safe for children to use.

Another good example of a folding mattress to consider buying is the 3 inch gel foam mattress. This mattress is tri-fold and has a comfort layer that is made of premium gel memory foam. This foam is one inch and it also has a high density foam base of two inches. These features make it ideal for campers and travelers. It is also great for children and guests as well and it is easy to transport and store.

Advantages of folding mattresses

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