Ahrefs vs Majestic SEO 2016 Analysis - Review

 Melvin Terkelsen
  Jun 14, 2016

I wanted to boost up my two websites’ visibility and traffic using loads of backlinks and keywords. Well, everyone want so! Right?

Not so long back, quantity of backlinks used to matter rather than quality (Editorial or Contextual links), but as time passed Google started penalizing kids carrying blackhat activities for doing link building. I have also tried the same, but, sadly it doesn’t work anymore!

Now, the game of backlinks and keywords insertion haphazardly is over!

Actually, Google understood the strategy that people are trying to trick the search engine and turn the things upside down with intelligent web crawlers.

Understanding that web crawlers index only those pages high that are backed by high quality links, relevant keywords and good content, I followed the same.

I am able to catch more eyeballs for my websites with good links and content. But, I am not gonna reveal the websites name. Lol…

However, Backlink Analysis is another task that crop up, which is all-imperative to precisely check my website’s backlinks and of a competitor’s website as well. It’s all about staying ahead of your competitors to retain your top rankings.

So I started hunting for different online SEO related tools and come up with a few options such as Majestic SEO, Ahrefs, Open site explorer, Search metrics, etc… to analyze keywords, backlinks and know what competitors are doing.

Hump! Limited time didn’t allow me to try them all. Also, it’s not worth value for money, so I looked for the reviews just the way you are looking for.

Mm! Here’s the valuable information I squeeze out after trying hands at Ahrefs and Majestic SEO for my two websites where I have compared each tool in respect to:

Backlink checker

When I hop onto Ahrefs tool to track my websites backlink growth over the time, I got to see the websites linked to it and how strong the backlinks are.

The tool has clearly depicted the accurate information and useful insights about websites like- social signals, number of external backlinks, the backlink strength, the page where the link is pointing to, what anchors used, and when the link was last seen.

While using Majestic SEO, the results Fresh Index Checker revealed were mesmerizing, but at the same time confusing as well. It displayed more subnets (backlinks) to my website as compared to Ahrefs but the number of backlinks, referring ip’s were less. Showcasing the backlinks that Google ignores don’t provide real value to me.

Alas! Majestic is turned out to be average in terms of backlink checker as compared to Ahrefs.

Backlink management

As I aforementioned Ahrefs allowed me to use the smart filters including lost links, referring domains, most linked pages, links by anchor text, referring IPs, TLD and graphics to garner good information.

It filter the backlinks and generate reports to uncover the data such as the backlinks crawled recently, highlight the time period in which most backlinks are earned and pretty more.

Leveraging Majestic, I got good metrics for backlinks like- big history of backlinks, most linked page, new and lost links, referring hosting IPs on map and anchors text distribution.

Here, I found AHrefs leapfrog Majestic in backlink management due to trivial inaccuracy it shows in displaying backlink data, and in reporting on new and lost links, but when it comes to amassing big historic index of backlinks and widest coverage on Google, Majestic rock.

What does the test states?

Test? Amused, right? Actually, a test was put up on Ahrefs and Majestic SEO that let yourself identify, which one is the excellent.

Majestic team has released a list of top 1 million websites in the world claiming to have fresh backlink data than any others.

This is the reason Ahrefs was made to compute the total number of linking subnets and IP’s for all of the domains on the top of 1 million websites that Majestic SEO team released. And, the results are eye-opener.

Majestic SEO reported 209 IP’s & 193 subnets while Ahrefs had shown 331 IP’s & 288 subnets.

Ahrefs won by both IP address and Subnets. Bingo!

Now, you might be thinking- “It’s time to switch to Ahrefs.” Right?

Hold on! Before you zero in your decision to Ahrefs, it’s good if you check it out by yourself.

Well, data does not lie ever. But, still to not keep any room for people to doubt the credibility of data, Ahrefs team has provide API keys to let people check the result themselves.

Moreover, you can check out what are the points Majestic SEO managing director highlighted as a comment over Ahrefs win…

Later, how Ahref can stand back, so in a response, this is what they have mentioned.

Instead of getting stuck into the data battle, cut to the chase- Majestic revealed some of the flaws with Ahref’s data that Ahrefs team has resolved in a shorter span.

What’s next?

Which tool should you prefer- Ahrefs or Majestic?

Both services- Ahrefs and Majestic are endowed with unique features and algorithms that helped to dig deeper and come up with well-grounded conclusions. Both have their pros and cons while measuring the value of links.

The epic battle of data that you are just above engaged in, uncovered a lot. Lol..

Leave the jokes apart, hope you would get an answer to the million dollar question.

Now, it’s your turn to decide the one between Ahrefs and Majestic that actually help you. Well, it depends on why you want to use them and for what you want to use them.

Give a try to one and share your experience in the comments given below.

Ahrefs vs Majestic SEO 2016 Analysis - Review

Melvin Terkelsen

Melvin Terkelsen  is an Online (Digital) Marketing Expert since 9 years and researcher of trends and technology. A good speaker with average developing knowledge.

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