AI tools will sense your emotions by analyzing your facial expressions

 James Warner
  Jul 27, 2018

How would you feel if we would tell you that soon AI robots will analyze your facial expressions during a job interview? Won’t you be surprised if you will get to know that soon tech tools will assess your mood?

Sentiment Analysis is something that is being extensively used by a variety of firms to get understanding of the target audience’s mood towards the product, services, or a campaigns. In the offline world the audience can communicate with the company’s representatives in the shops, showrooms, etc. However, when it comes to the online stores, it is not easy to assess the customer’s reaction.

Therefore, now, tech experts are working to devise various interesting ways through which they can detect the emotions using the facial expressions of the customers. And, this can only be done with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Such kind of technology will be act as a fantastic substitute to automatically analyze the consumer’s engagement and interest levels with the content of the firm or their brand in general.

One of the best, and most common use of AI, and the sentiment analysis is in the recruitment field. So, whether you are lying in an interview or whether you are disinterested in answering a question, your facial expressions can be gauged quite easily. As AI based tools will be seeing your face's each and every move, evaluating the decency of the answers, and all of your emotions. AI based programs can further assess whether the overall personality of the candidate is a good fit for a particular job or not.

Artificial Intelligence is used to analyze the facial expressions of the people to gauge the moods and to analyze the personality traits of an individual. In a way, we can say that AI has the power to assess the honesty of an individual as well. AI based tools are developed to carefully choose the apt candidates, which seem to be perfect for a job. Then, these good matches are being transferred to the recruiters. Plus, the recruiters also get necessary notes from the AI tool, giving complete details about the candidate. A plenty of big brands have already started using the power of AI based tools to automate the recruitment process, and to make it more advanced.

AI and the art of facial recognition is quickly becoming more and more popular, therefore, the companies are trying to find out newer ways to see how this can be used in the best possible manner. Blending Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition seems like a whole new level of efficiencies which could further benefit the firms, government, and even the public to some extent. In order to make full use of the AI and facial recognition combo, AI experts are coming up with latest techniques on a constant basis. It is even making the auditing process cleaner and free from the bias.

Detecting emotions with the help of the facial expressions using technology be look like a bit challenging, however, with the involvement of the machine learning algorithms, the future looks to be very promising. Using the Facial Emotion Detection API the users can easily process the images, as well as the videos for not only reviewing the video feeds but to also automate the video analytics. It is used to save money, time, and at the same time, make the whole process very smooth. Facial Emotion detection is nothing more than a subclass of what visual intelligence is capable of doing in order to review the videos and images automatically.

As, the world is demanding more and more technical advancements, the need of powerful, new, and more useful tools and programs is rising constantly. AI, and especially the facial recognition feature is creating a rage in the industry already. And, each software companies are trying to find out the best possible ways to make full use of this fantastic technology!

AI tools will sense your emotions by analyzing your facial expressions

James Warner

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