All about Renault Duster New Generation

 Abdul Rehman
  Nov 06, 2018

Renault Duster in a new body under the Dacia brand became available in the EU from the end of 2017 beginning of 2018. In Ukraine, the second generation Renault Duster has already been sold since the spring of 2018. The novelty will most likely reach Russia by the end of 2019.

Despite the old platform, French engineers tried to refine and improve all that is possible. The main thing is that we managed to keep the budget structure at an affordable price. At the same time, new electronic systems appeared. For example, the buyer can find on his screen multimedia monitor built-in inclinometer! Appeared rearview camera and all-around camera view. Significantly improved ergonomics of the cabin, which previously caused a huge number of complaints. Increasing the rigidity of the body as possible.

The appearance of the Duster in the new body has changed for the better. Huge Renault logo on a stylish grille, head optics with stylish LED stripes. Silhouette will appreciate the powerful plastic protection of the thresholds and front wings. The hood got a more complex shape. Now it will be possible to install larger wheels as an option. If before the official could offer only R16, then now R17. The taillights, although they do not have fashionable LED elements, the designers tried to make them just great. Particularly impressive rear optics look in the dark. Photos of the exterior of the new items are attached.

Photo Duster 2019 new body

Salon Duster in the new body has changed dramatically. At least visually looks good. The touch monitor moved a little higher, there were solid climate control twists. Door trim received normal armrests and control buttons windows. Washer switching transmission modes ceased to be so poor and moved down to the gearshift lever. The designers completely redesigned the steering wheel, a fresh instrument panel appeared with cool colouring of instrument scales, between which a small onboard computer monitor flaunts. The shape of the seats has changed, now they have become much more comfortable, plus the driver’s seat height adjustment mechanism has changed. Photos of the interior of the new Duster look in our gallery.

Photos Salon Duster 2019

Oddly enough, but the trunk has become smaller. This is especially noticeable in all-wheel-drive versions. The situation is saved by the possibility of transforming the rear seat. As for the location of the spare wheel, then in the all-wheel-drive version, it is located in the trunk, in mono-drive versions outside, under the trunk. At least in the European Duster this way.

Photo of the trunk Renault Duster 2019

Characteristics of the Renault Duster 2019

Perhaps the biggest surprise is the appearance of the EDC6 robotic machine with two clutches. In Europe, such a box put even on the version with a diesel engine. As for the engines. So here without any surprises.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is the appearance of the EDC6 robotic machine with two clutches. In Europe, such a box put even on the version with a diesel engine. As for the engines. So here without any surprises.

The proven 1.5 liter 8-valve dizelek went through the next update procedure and gives out 110 horses with a solid torque. There is already familiar 1.6 liter aspirated. Boxes are the same 5-and 6-speed mechanical units. In Europe, they promise to please buyers with a 1.2-liter turbo engine of 125 hp. Most likely such a miracle will not come to us, but a 2-liter aspirated is worth the wait.

As for the chassis, suspension and brakes, then there was no revolutionary changes. There are still drums on the back. New rack steering received an advanced electric power steering. Behind in versions with front-wheel drive semi-dependent suspension in the form of a deformable beam. For 4x4 is an independent multi-link design.

Four-wheel drive is still implemented using an electromagnetic clutch connecting the rear wheels. The rear brakes are still drum. If from a technical point of view you will not find significant innovations, then you can rejoice for lovers of modern electronics. A huge number of various assistants designed to simplify the life of the driver seriously. There are all-around cameras, but the quality of the image on the budget touchscreen monitor leaves us to do better.

Dimensions, volume, ground clearance Duster in a new body

  • Length - 4341 mm
  • Width - 1804 mm (2052 mm)
  • Height - 1682 (1693 mm)
  • Curb weight - from 1254 kg
  • Full weight - from 1712 kg
  • Wheelbase - 2674 mm (for 4x4 2676 mm)
  • Trunk volume - 445 liters. (For 4x4 376 liters.)
  • With folded chairs - 1478 l. (For 4x4 1409 l.)
  • Fuel tank capacity - 50 liters
  • Tire size - 215/65 R16, 215/60 R17
  • Ground clearance - 210 mm

Picking and pricing Renault Duster 2019

Thanks to the national assembly with a high proportion of localization, we can expect the cheapest Duster on the planet. And it's not a joke. The crossover in a new body is already sold in the EU under the Dacia brand and in Ukraine under the Renault brand. But both cars are assembled on a single conveyor in Romania. It is expected to launch a serial assembly of Duster in Brazil and India. In our country, there are rumours that the production of the budget crossover will be transferred from the Moscow factory Renault in Togliatti. This path has already passed Renault Logan with the change of generations. As for prices, today Ukraine is asking for Renault Duster from 409,900 hryvnias for basic equipment with front-wheel drive and 5-speed mechanics (1.6 petrol 115 hp), up to 650,500 hryvnas for four-wheel drive and 6-speed mechanics ( 1.5 diesel 110 hp). In Romania, for a novelty ask from 12.750 euros. The cost of the old version of Duster is currently in Russia at 699,000 rubles. It is unlikely that the model in the new body will cost significantly more.

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All about Renault Duster New Generation

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