Are You A Stomach Sleeper - Tips On Best Pillows For You

 Chris Smith
  Jun 19, 2017

Stomach Sleeper

People sleep in all different positions, as per their comfort levels. While some people feel comfortable sleeping on their back, there are many others who prefer sleeping on their stomachs.

Mattresses play a very vital role in comforting the sleepers. If you are a stomach sleeper, and if you don't have a good mattress, then you could gradually start developing back and neck pain. That is why you should choose the right mattresses and pillows according to your specific requirements.

Stomach sleepers

Typically, we spend around 1/3 our day for sleeping. People who sleep on their stomach may have many problems. It is mainly because, they might have a strain in their spinal cord. Breathing is another problem that you will face if you are a stomach sleeper. In order to breathe properly, you have to twist your neck to any of the sides, which creates a problem in the neck, and increases back pain.

The benefit of sleeping on the stomach is that it prevents you from snoring. It is also known to help you in getting a flatter belly. Sleeping on stomach also reduces the wrinkles of side sleeping. It is suggested not to sleep on the stomach, because it has fewer benefits, and can create more damage to the body. However, many people will still prefer sleeping on their stomachs, because they cannot simply adjust themselves to other sleeping positions.

Generally back pain and neck pain will bother people for an extended period of time, and in many cases they will even have to take help from physiotherapists for complete healing and rehabilitation.

It can be an expensive affair, which is why it makes more sense to invest in the right kind of mattresses that will allow you to become comfortable, even if you are a stomach sleeper. You can visit websites like to check out the best mattresses that are available in the market today.

Mention below are some vital points that that can help you in choosing the right kind of mattresses, if you are a person who enjoys sleeping on your stomach:

  • You need to choose a perfect mattress if you are a stomach sleeper.
  • The mattress should be such that it gives perfect spine alignment, and is comfortable for your neck too.
  • The mattress you are choosing should neither be too soft or too firm. You should know the difference between firmness and support.
  • The mattress should support your body in order to make you feel comfortable. You should choose a slightly firm mattress.
  • The mattress should not make you an arch shape; this might cause severe and irreversible back pain.
  • Generally, the memory foam mattresses are the best for stomach sleepers.
  • The stomach sleepers should never choose a coir mattress because coir mattresses are firm and can cause damage to your spine.
  • Innerspring mattress - These are perfect for stomach sleepers because they use coils and support it with foam for comfort. The lifespan of an innerspring mattress is up to 3 years.
  • Hybrid mattress - this mattress is made up of innerspring coir combined with comforting layers on the top. This combination helps you giving a better posture while sleeping.
  • Airbed is also a good option for stomach sleepers.

Best pillow for stomach sleepers

  • Many people like to sleep without taking the support of a pillow, but in case of stomach sleepers, the pillow is a must.
  • The pillow helps the stomach sleepers to keep their body in comfortable position and maintains the spinal alignment.
  • Even the pillow should not be too hard or too soft for you. The hard pillow will make you suffer back pain, while soft pillow will sink you inside which will again cause problems.
  • The height of the pillow also matters. If you choose a heighted pillow, it might make you arched while sleeping. If you choose a low height pillow, it might cause breathing problems for you.
  • When you go to buy a pillow, you should try every pillow and decide on the basis of which pillow is suitable for you.

Stomach sleepers have to be very cautious, while choosing the mattress and pillow because they are risking their spine and neck by sleeping on the stomach. The selection of the mattress and pillow should also be done according to the age and weight of the person who has to use it.

Choosing a wrong mattress and pillow might result in severe body pain, which ultimately will impact your productivity.

Are You A Stomach Sleeper -  Tips On Best Pillows For You

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