Bananagrams Rules – How to Play It!

 Kevin Brown
  Mar 04, 2019

Bananagrams is the most popular word game. Before you play the game, you need to know about the basic Bananagrams rules and how to play it.

Special Terms

Lowercase Letter

  • It helps to strengthen reading skills.


  • Letter orientation is indicated from the bottom line or baseline.

Combo letter tiles

  • It helps to make the word building and vocabulary stronger.

Bananagrams Rules

A short game for early readers

Sound it out

  • Pick any tile randomly and try to think of words that have the same sound and then try to speak or sound it out some of the words using that tile.

Word families

  • In order to create the word family all you need to is combine the continents with combo letter tiles and then pair with vowels.

Rhyme time

  • Rhyme time can be created by selecting a combo letter tile and then think of consonants to make rhyming words.

Matching Game

  • Facedown all the single letter tiles. According to the turn, flip over two of them and if it is the match you will win a point or if there is no match then leave them face.

Bananagrams Rules

Step 1: Accurate words. (According to Dictionary)

  • In order to decide if you are the winner, the players need to refer to the dictionary. By the help of majority votes, a player can be considered as the winner. So form such letters that are accurate as well as relevant as per the Dictionary.

Step 2: Two Letter words.

  • Ideally, a player should avoid two letters words but if there in chance then the player is left with two letter words only. Make your vocabulary in terms of two letter words it will be helpful during the game.

Step 3: Master other words also.

  • Frame unique words will help you to polish your mind and let other players also learn from you. Keep learning new words which turn into bigger vision in your thought process. It will also help you to win with better quality of words.

Step 4: Flip the Letters quickly.

  • Try flipping as fast as you can with over all the letters this will help you out with a level of the game which is being played.

Step 5: Frame one big word.

  • Generally, it will be better for you to play to build one big word. This will help you to get a strong base until the end of the game. By this, you get lots of room to frame different words.

Step 6: Better structure.

  • There should be an open layout where you can play this game. By this way, you have a planet of are to frame words and also think effectively for the better words. Do not end up playing at a restricted spot but try to have to go in a direction.

Step 7: Avoid Dumping.

  • During this game, dumping a word which is not being in your use will not be a wise decision because then ultimately that word would be highly useful to your competitor and that player shall shout “PEEL” very soon. So by dumping you are making lose for yourself only.

Step 8: Make use of Hooks.

  • A player should make use of Hooks as much as possible. You can add a word like S on the game board and can form another word from it. Whereas, a letter can also be a hook though.

Step 9: Rearrange

  • A player need not worry if the intended word does not gets framed on the game board then all you need is to rearrange the word with whichever piece of a letter you have. Make sure that there is a place for all of the letters you have. Now, you might be thinking that it will waste the time of yours as well as of your competitor but then it is an obvious fact that it will consume some time. If there is a case that you are very quick at framing the words then it would not consume much time.

Step 10: Do not hesitate.

Bananagrams Rules – How to Play It!

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