Basic Scrabble Rules for Dummies - How to Play Scrabble!

 Kevin Brown
  Jan 04, 2019

Basic Scrabble Rules

Scrabble is a very simple word game that is loved equally by kids and adults. Two or four players can play this game. You will need a standard Scrabble board having 15x15 grid of squares, 100 letter tiles, a letter bag, and four racks. It is extremely easy to learn to play scrabble. Let’s take a look at the scrabble rules to play & win.

Scrabble Game

  • Each player takes out one tile from the bag and the player who gets the letter closest to the letter “A” goes first. Then turn by turn each player takes out seven tiles from the tile bag.
  • Scrabble rules state that you need to maintain a scoresheet to record the scores of all the players for each turn. The score is calculated by adding point values for each letter in the word.

How to Play Scrabble game?

Scrabble Rules

• As per the scrabble rules, the play rotates in a counter-clockwise direction around the board. Each player can place the tiles on board to form the word, exchange tiles or simply pass when it is their turn. Each player should count and announce their score for that turn.

• The player can draw from the tile bag as many new letters as they played to make sure there are always seven letters on their rack.

• As the play continues, each player will add one or more letter tiles to the already played tiles to form new words. In each turn, all the letters that are played should be played one row across or down the board, to form at least one complete word. If the player touches other words in the adjacent rows they should form a complete word, there too.

• Keep in mind that the player gets credit for every word formed or modified at their turn.

• According to Scrabble rules, a player can form new words in one of the following ways:

• a. by adding one or more letters to a word or letters already present on the board.

• b. by placing a new word at the right angle to the word already present on the board.

• c. by placing the new word parallel to a word that is already formed so that adjacent letters form complete words.

• As per scrabble rules, one cannot shift or replace a tile once it has been scored or played.

• There are two blank tiles in the Scrabble game and while playing the blank tiles you need to state which letter the blank tile represents. Later, blank tile will represent the stated letter only throughout the game.

• You can exchange your letters if you wish in the scrabble game. You just have to place the discarded letters face down and draw equal numbers of letters from the pool and then mix the discarded letters in the pool to end your turn.

• If a certain play is challenged by opposing player, players refer to the Scrabble dictionary and if the word is not found in the dictionary, the challenged player takes his or her tiles back whereas if the word is valid, the challenger loses their turn. When a play is challenged, all the words made in the play are challenged hence if any word is found unacceptable, the entire play is considered unacceptable.

• The scrabble game ends when any one player has used all of their letter tiles and there are no more words to make.

Scrabble Rules for Scoring

• At the end of each turn, the score of the player is recorded on a piece of paper. The score value of each letter is mentioned at the bottom of the letter tile. The score value of the blank tile is zero.

• There are premium squares on the scrabble board that enable players to gain additional points. The score for each turn is the addition of the letter values in each completed word or modified in that turn plus additional points gained by placing letters on premium squares.

• If two or more words are formed in one turn, then each of them is scored.

• If you manage to play all the seven tiles in one turn, the bonus of 50 points is added to your score for that turn.

• When the scrabble game ends, unplayed letters are subtracted from each player’s score and the sum of other players unplayed cards are added to the score of the player who has used all of his or her letters.

• The player with highest final score wins the game. In case there is a tie, the player who has the highest score before adding or subtracting unplayed cards is the winner.

These were Scrabble rules for adults as well as kids. The same scrabble rules are followed for a kids’ game. The scrabble game is fun to play at picnics, birthdays or even on Sundays with family members. Follow the rules and have fun at Scrabble. If you want to more details like this, you can visit Happy Gaming!

Basic Scrabble Rules for Dummies - How to Play Scrabble!

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