Basic Yahtzee Rules for Beginners- How to Play Yahtzee Game!

 Kevin Brown
  Jan 20, 2019

Yahtzee is a pretty popular dice game invented by Milton Bradley. In Yahtzee online game, there is no limitation about the number of players. All the players take turns and roll 5 dice, and they can choose which of the five dice to keep and which to re-roll in order to gain maximum score.

Yahtzee Game

The Objective of Yahtzee Game

General objective in Yahtzee game is to score a maximum possible number of points by rolling 5 dice.

How to Play Yahtzee

To decide who will start the Yahtzee game, players roll a die and the player with maximum score generally starts the game. Play rotates clockwise. Make sure you write the name of all the players on the scorecard according to their turns

Each player can roll the dice up to three times on their turn to get the best possible score according to Yahtzee rules. You can decide for which dice combo you want to settle and you need to write your score in an empty box under your name on the scorecard.

First roll:

Roll all the 5 dice, if you get the combo that you wished for, make an entry in your scorecard otherwise just go with the 2nd roll.

Second roll:

You can set aside any keepers and re-roll the rest of the dice. If you do not like any of them, re-roll all the dice. In case you get the combo that you needed, mark your scorecard, otherwise just continue to the third and final roll.

Third roll:

If you did not get the desired combo in your first 2 rolls, you have this final opportunity to maximize your score. Roll some or all of your dice including keepers if you have set some aside. You have to compulsorily enter your score at the end of this roll because this is your final roll. You must fill all the boxes on your scorecard with either a zero or if your dice match some particular sequence worth the points, write that instead of zero. Scoring even a single die value is always better than zero.

Yahtzee Scoring System

Once a player finishes his or her turn by entering something in their Yahtzee scoresheet, next player takes the turn. This process continues until all the players have filled all the 13 boxes on the score sheet. Finally, total points are calculated and the player with the highest score is the winner.

There are two sections in the Yahtzee score sheet, upper section, and lower section. The upper section has six boxes that are labeled as 1 to 6.

Aces- sum up the value of all dice showing 1

Twos- sum up the value of all dice showing 2

Threes- sum up the value of all dice showing 3

Fours- sum up the value of all dice showing 4

Fives- sum up the value of all dice showing 5

Sixes- sum up the value of all dice showing 6

A player can get bonus 63 points if he or she has at least 63 points in total in above-mentioned categories.

In the lower section, you win the score for different combinations:

3 of a kind: the sum of three of the same die faces + value of the remaining dice

4 of a kind: the sum of four of the same die faces + value of the remaining dice

Full house: pair +three of a kind can earn you 25 points

Small straight: the sequence of four dice earns you 30 points

Large straight: the sequence of five dice earns you 40 points

Yahtzee: five of the same die face earns you 50 points

Chance: the sum of all five dice

Special Rules of Yahtzee

If you have scored a Yahtzee once, you score an additional 100 points for every Yahtzee after that and apply joker rules

If you have already scored zero in your Yahtzee score box, then only Joker rules will apply. You need to fill in a box on your scoresheet starting with the upper section first.

Joker rules

Joker rules are a special set of rules that are applicable for additional Yahtzee that cannot score normally because of the Yahtzee being already scored or being zeroed out.

If there is an open space in the upper section of your scorecard, you need to add up the total sum of all of the dice. If the upper section is already filled, then you need to fill the lower section as follows:

Three of a kind and four of a kind= sum of all the five dice

Full house= 25 points

Small straight= 30 points

Large straight= 40 points

Finally, the player with the highest total score at the end of 13 rounds wins!

To become a pro in Yahtzee online game, you can practice with free Yahtzee games available online. Good luck!

Basic Yahtzee Rules for Beginners- How to Play Yahtzee Game!

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