Basketball Court Dimensions and Measurements

 Kevin Brown
  Jan 01, 2019

Basketball is one of the most played and followed in the United States. The fan-following of the game isn’t just limited to the States, but also countries far away like India, Argentina, France and Italy. Legendary players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have been idolized by not just basketball fans, but sportspersons and people all around the globe. Basketball might not be one of the most followed games in the world, but with the increasing popularity and telecasting, it is soon scheduled to be one of the top five most followed sports on the planet. With the increasing popularity of sports especially outside the United States, the demand for the correct & professional basketball court dimensions and measurements are increasing. Need not worry, ladies & gentlemen. Just go through this article and you’ll know all that is to be known about the game is basketball, as far as basketball court dimensions and measurements are concerned!

Basketball Court Size

Basketball, professionally, is usually played indoors with a wooden surface, thoroughly polished with a 10-foot rim attached at both ends. However, due to lack of funds in the sport outside the US, basketball is played mostly outdoors, having surfaces made of concrete or asphalt. As compared to the college basketball measurements the high school basketball court dimensions are lesser in overall area. Why, you ask? Look below for further detail!

So the lengths and widths are different for all the basketball courts. Overall, the size of the basketball court depends on the kind of college basketball or the high school basketball game which is to be played. Not making you wait anymore, here is the detailed basketball court measurements and dimensions showcasing the complete size, length and width of the court.

First and foremost, thing you need to know is the basketball court is in rectangular shape but not in square shape, don’t get confused with someone else’s suggestions. The length of the court depends on the tournament. National Basketball Association (NBA) is the biggest basketball tournament in the world and people often follow its rules rather than the ones stated by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). The NBA rules state that the court should be 94 by 50 feet (28.7 by 15.2). The basket, however, is always at 3.05 meters. Of course, in youth competitions such as under-12 meets etc., the rim can be set at a lower position, depending on the size of the players and the officials in charge. All these courts have a couple of arcs on either side. This arc’s significance is that if a player scores a basket from outside the arc, his/her team gets three points!

Basketball Court Rules

Restricted arc radius is something which is very important to mark a basketball court accurately. According to the international standards, the arc radius must be of 1.25 meters only. And when it comes to center circle diameter, it must be 3.5 meters. The key shaded line of the basketball court must be around 4.9 meters only. When you talk about throw line, the free throw line measurement must be 4.6 meters and 6.75 meters for the 3-point line distance.

The center circle, as the name suggests, is the centermost area in the court, used while the game is being started. During the start of the game, the referee throws the ball up in the air and two players, a player from each team, jump in the air trying to tap the ball towards the direction of his/her teammate.

Why High School Courts Are Smaller Than College Basketball Court in Size

Well, the only reason is the stamina to cover the long court and power to survive for a long time in the court. The high school students are smaller in age and they don’t have enough stamina to cover a lengthy court and that’s the reason why basketball court dimensions of the high school are smaller as compared to the college basketball court.

With this article, we hope you got a perfect idea on the basketball court dimensions and sizes. Now, pick up the ball and start dribbling!

Basketball Court Dimensions and Measurements

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