Beer Pong Drinking Game: How to Play Beer Pong? [Full Guidlines]

 Kevin Brown
  Feb 12, 2019

How to Play Beer Pong Game?

A game in which attempt to throw a ping pong ball across the table with a view ensuring it lands in a cup of beer on the other side is known as Beer Pong Game. This game is also known as Beirut and also it is highly popular around the world. Generally, this game is played at bars, colleges, universities and house parties.

Beer Pong Game

Beer Pong Game is a package of fun and informal drinks. World Series of Beer Pong looks after the rules of the game. Ideally, this game includes alcohol so this game is permitted to those players who are of legal drinking age. All you need is good fortune and some marvelous skills.

The aim of the Game.

The main focus of Beer Pong is to make win one team successfully by quashing all the cups of their opponent. This game’s motive can be drinking but further, it has two sides. Firstly, if you are better at playing this game then you will end up drinking less alcohol and secondly, at times people purposefully play this game unsuccessfully that ultimately turns into drinking alcohol.

Players & Equipment

Generally, four people play Beer Pong game in which a team is formed of two people, thus two teams is formed each consist, two persons. All you need to play this game is a suitable table (Beer Pong Table), drinks (As per player’s choice), cups and a ping pong table. Most importantly, disposable cups are used during Beer Pong Game. Then team places the cups in an equilateral triangle on the table, mostly 10 to 15 cups will help you to create that triangle shape. All cups filled with the same amount of beer. A cup should be there in order to rinse the ball between throws. There is no compulsion that with alcohol only this game is played; in fact, one can fill water or cold-drinks if one does not consume alcohol. If you choose alcohol for this game then ABV should rest between 3% to 5%.

Scoring System.

Beer Pong Game has a completely different system in terms of scoring it does not follow a general system like cricket, hockey, etc. There is a specific structure in the scoring system. Both the teams start the game with 10 or 15 cups so it is possible to see which team has more cups comparatively with the competing team. Observe the number of cups available in front. This game is all about to reduce the competitor’s score till zero.

Victory in Game.

This game can be won by successfully eliminating competitor’s cups. A situation can be there when both the teams are left with one cup then both the team will eradicate for their last turn and both will be declared the winner. The other way is to extend the game by placing three cups and then the first team that will eliminate the competitor’s cup will be the winner. Such rounds should be conducted whenever felt necessary.

There is a special case i.e. Shutout in which one team eliminates all the cups of the competitor without letting eliminate single cup of their team. This case can be fun because then the winning team can ask the losing team to do a dare.

Guideline for Beer Pong

• Toss a coin for who will have the first turn to play the game

• An equilateral triangle should be made with 10 or 15 cups and then decide what amount of drink should be poured in all the cups. Each team should have another cup to rinse the ping pong ball.

• If a team throws the ball and it is successfully placed inside the cup then the competitor’s team has to drink the content being filled in the cup and thus that cup is out of the play.

• Shooting in Beer Pong should be done by throwing the ball directly or make it bounce in the cup.

• The teams should continue their turns until all the cups are eliminated of the opposition team. If a game is tied then extend the turns of the game.

• All the players should drink responsibly.

Beer Pong Drinking Game: How to Play Beer Pong? [Full Guidlines]

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