Beginners Guide to Scorpion Solitaire Card Game

 Kevin Brown
  Mar 15, 2019

Scorpion Solitaire is one of the 520 games of solitaire which is played using a deck of 52 cards. Though it is similar to a spider, this game is akin to Yukon. It is a game which is also played using a single deck of cards but, there is not any deck or stock.

Scorpion Solitaire

Scorpion Solitaire:

The main objective of the Scorpion game is to form 4 columns of suit cards from king down to ace. This game starts with 49 cards placed into seven columns of seven cards each on the tableau. The first four columns, each have three cards faced-down with four face-up cards placed over them.

The remaining cards in three columns are all faced up. The three leftover cards are placed aside for later use.

How to play Scorpion Solitaire?

You might have obviously played spider solitaire in your computers or online. This game is quite similar to that.

Cards in the picture are built down by suit and every face-up card is available for play, no matter where in the column it is. It means that any card can be placed on the top of a card that is a rank higher. Once a card from the bottom or the middle of a column is removed, all cards on top of it are moved as well, as one pack.

Nothing can be put on an ace and gaps on the tableau. It can only be taken by kings or the patterns with Kings as their top cards. When a face-down card is exposed, it is turned to face up.

When no more moves are possible, the three remaining cards are placed onto the first three columns and put into play.

As earlier stated, the main aim of the game is to build four columns of suit sequences from the king down to ace. So, when such a column is built successfully, it is a typical rule to leave this column alone, unless it covers a face-down card. The game is won when the objective is achieved.

Note: - The rules stated above are the rules of the prevailing version of the game. There is also another version of Scorpion game i.e. “Scorpion II”. In that version, a number of columns containing three cards are faced-down and the number of columns in which all cards are faced up is the contrary of the prevailing version, i.e. the first three columns each have the first three cards faced-down with four face-up cards dealt over them.

The cards in the left-over four columns are all faced up. Despite this contradiction, the whole game remains the same.

Double Scorpion Solitaire: -

Double Scorpion is another version of Scorpion Solitaire in which 2 decks of 52 cards are needed. It’s as easy as its first version with no reveal.

In the double version, you have 10 tableau of piles where four rows of 10 cards are placed. The first 5 cards are face down and the next 5 faces up in every row. Then seven more row cards are placed, all face up. The last and final 11th row contains only four cards.

The objective of this game is to build 8 sequences in the suit each moving from the King to Ace.

Rules of Double Scorpion Solitaire: -

You may build the piles down in a suit. Any faced up card in a tableau can be moved to make a build. All the cards covering it are moved together as a single pack. If during a play, any closed cards become the top card of the pile, it becomes faced up. Empty tableaus may be filled with a King or group of cards led by a King.

This game is also known as the two-deck version of the Scorpion Solitaire.

Strategies (for both):

  • Disclose all the cards that are face-down as soon as possible;
  • Avoid any blocks created by reverse sequences.
  • Beware of uncovering aces! No cards can be played on aces.

So these were the rules and tactics you can use to play and win the scorpion game.

Now you know how to play Scorpion and Double Scorpion. It’s very easy, right? I know! There is another game called Wasp which is very much similar to Scorpion. The main and only difference is that when a gap is formed, any card or sequence can be placed in that gap. This gives the player more chances to win than in Scorpion.

Happy Playing!

Beginners Guide to Scorpion Solitaire Card Game

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