Benefits and features offered by B2B ecommerce platforms

 Gaurav Jain
  Apr 23, 2018

B2B ecommerce platforms

Business to business ecommerce has created a boom in the ecommerce industry over the past few years. After the success of B2C ecommerce, entrepreneurs have seen the advantages of taking a business online and hence many B2B sellers are now keen to explore online business

According to the stats, here are some interesting facts related to B2B ecommerce;

  • The global B2B sales are expected to reach $6.7 trillion by 2020.
  • 74% of B2B customers say that buying from a website is an easier option.
  • Retailers who launch B2B ecommerce stores make 90% savings on the sales and operations part.

These amazing figures and stats have encouraged many business owners to try the B2B ecommerce solutions for taking their business online.

Why do you need a B2B ecommerce platform?

Better Opportunities: Improving your business opportunities becomes easy as the potential customers and sellers can find you through online searches.

Better sales: Improve your sales with the engaging lists along with wide range of products and services display with your own website.

Shorter Selling Cycle: Anyone can easily access your store at any time which ultimately results in shorter selling cycle and the deals get finalized faster.

Lower Costs: A range of automated features allows you to save the costs involved in operations and selling.

New Markets: It becomes easy to expand your business and operate on a larger scale. Thus reaching out the global markets becomes easy.

Better Brand Visibility: Creating brand visibility and awareness in the market can be done by having multi-store websites and individual product/ service pages.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: A user friendly interface can be helpful in improving the customer experience which ultimately results in better sales.

Now that you are aware of the perks of having a B2B ecommerce platform, here is a set of features that your B2B ecommerce solution must have:

A mobile ready platform for progress- Mobile commerce is said to be the future of ecommerce. An ecommerce site that does not perform smoothly across all the devices is likely to suffer eventually affecting the ROI of the business. Thus, having a mobile ready platform becomes a necessity.

Improved customer experience with - a user friendly interface- A happy customer is what every B2B ecommerce store desires for. An easy to use interface which is clearly understood by everyone who even visits the online store for the first time is the key. On the other hand, responsive design that fits perfectly on every screen plays a key role in grabbing the attention of customers. Most of the users prefer to fulfil their shopping needs using mobile devices and hope for a good user experience with design and functionalities. Thus, a user friendly interface is highly important for your business to business online commerce website.

Expand your reach with multilingual features- Language barrier is one of the major reasons due to which ecommerce stores can’t expand at international level. Choosing a B2B ecommerce solution that provides the multilingual feature can help you in taking your business to international markets thus offering better growth opportunities.

Promotion and marketing features- Offering various discounts, coupons, offers and promo codes is one of the simplest and most effective way to boost the sales. Along with this, utilizing the power of social media channels to the fullest is also one more trick that can’t be missed. SEO and social media ready platforms allow you to take benefit of the marketing, promotion and sales activity across various social media channels. Also, by registering your brand presence across the digital channels, influencing the preferences of your customers becomes easy.

Multi-Location Stores and marketplaces- Setting up multi-locations stores and multi-seller marketplaces is a part of the B2B ecommerce solutions. Using these feature you can target diverse customer segments with specific offers and deals which helps in gaining a competitive edge. Thus, features like multi vendor and multi store add an extra shine to your B2B business resulting in improved customer targeting and sales.

Customization according to your business needs- The requirements of every ecommerce business differ depending on the business model, the products and services showcased. An ecommerce platform that allows extensive customization and allows you to tweak the online site both at the front-end and the back-end is highly recommended by ecommerce experts.

Location based pricing- Capturing every sales opportunity by every possible means is a necessary factor. Thus, providing multiple payment channels which are used frequently is a key requirement. Apart from this, a B2B model can benefit a lot by offering pricing based on IP addresses or choosing personalised pricing for different customers. This can allow the customers to choose to pay using the currency of their choice as the IP bases features will display the personalized pricing depending on the nation it belongs to.

The mentioned checklist of necessary features for your B2B ecommerce solution can help you in creating a suitable platform. You can choose to create it from scratch with the help of a team of resources. This may require time and dedicated efforts for having a bug-free platform.

You can choose a better option to create your B2B store by selecting an ecommerce platform. Many ecommerce experts would recommend you to go for a flexible and easy to use platform. Such platforms provide various features and specifications that can be profitable for your business. You can choose StoreHippo which makes the entire process of taking your B2B business online smooth and easy. Once your online store is set up, you will be ready to experience the power of B2B ecommerce personally.

Benefits and features offered by B2B ecommerce platforms

Gaurav Jain

Gaurav Jain is an ecommerce marketing strategist with 5+ years of experience. He writes extensively about the latest ecommerce trends and encourages people to take up the new ways to make their online business a better one. His articles regarding ecommerce platform solutions come from the rich experience of strategizing and handling online business across industry verticals.

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