Best Eco-friendly Day lighting Solutions: Skylights

 Madhuri Garg
  Mar 18, 2017

What does the term day lighting mean?

What are skylights?

What are the benefits of skylights?

How does a skylight work?

Skylights are day lighting solutions which make use of the Sun to brighten up an area.


These are light transmitting elements which fills the openings of a building i.e. roof, to allow sunlight to enter the place and provide other features. Skylight manufacturer install these solutions taking near to negligible amounts of money as compared to the life of the device and the many benefits that it provides.

The manufacturers design these devices in various shapes and sizes, so that it fits the place perfectly. It enhances the interior setting of the place and along with skylights repair and replacement facilities, they are largely preferred all around the world. Majorly, these come in two categories- tube skylights and roof skylights. As the name implies, tube skylights are preferred for narrower spaces while roof is preferred for broader settings. Shades are one of the features of these devices which provide the user with privacy options, preferred in washrooms and bedrooms.


The newest designs offer many features as compared to the traditional skylights which only allowed the sunlight to come inside the room, such as:

  • Can fit where traditional skylights or windows cannot fit
  • Rain sensors
  • Hurricane resistant glass
  • Temperature control options
  • Motor venting systems
  • UV protection
  • Decreases the use of fans and air conditioners during warmer months.


Other than saving energy, money and helping the nature, skylights offer the following benefits:

  • Cost effective
  • No electricity bills
  • Gives the place a beautiful appeal
  • Provides with architectural expression
  • Mood enhancer
  • Eco friendly lighting solution
  • Let’s people connect to the nature
  • Let’s people do their part for the environment
  • Reduction of mold buildup
  • Improves performance due to changed behaviors
  • Prevents depression and calms down people
  • Increases visual appeal to interiors
  • Offer privacy
  • Helps environmentalist and individuals to be part of a cause
  • Lowers electricity costs
  • Saves environment
  • Is a source of free Vitamin D

Why Install Skylight?

These offer one of the most creative ways to get connected to the Mother Nature while being in a closed surrounding. These are customizable; perfect for every household needs, providing versatile features to the place. It not only helps the individual, but also contributes to the environment by lowering electricity consumption and bills, significantly.

Manufacturers are designing creative skylight structures to utilize the maximum amount of natural light and enhance ambience of the rooms as well. It gives a naturalistic feel to the venue, being completely environment friendly.

This innovation of creative way of lighting homes causes zero pollution and requires zero electricity. It utilizes the Sunlight by directing it to areas where traditional lighting systems and windows cannot work. It is a cost effective, energy efficient and a healthy lighting solution.

The loop of energy generation-consumption-generation is destroyed which not only reduces the consumption of non-renewable resources of energy, but also saves the environment and decreases environmental conditions.

Green and clean environment simultaneously enhances the interiors and architectural feel of the place. Sunlight is efficiently utilized, giving a natural ambient to the whole place and helping to ignore the artificial lighting solutions.


  • Operable- Moves and allows ventilation.
  • Fitted- Fits and does not allow ventilation.
  • Retraceable- In such a setting, the interior of the facility is not impeded by a hinged skylight i.e. entirely open to the outdoors.
  • Tubular Daylight Device- Roof-mounted, sunlight condensing, a light conveying optic conduit.
  • Sloped Glazing- Contains multiple infill panels.


Skylights are often termed as top-lighting while windows are known as side-lighting. The combination of the two is used to maximize day lighting as top-lighting brings light into the centralized areas. The transparent/ translucent is utilized to avoid glare; enabling the structure to capture sunlight at low angles and diffuse light to other floor spaces.

The feel of skylights inside the house is appreciated by everyone because it is one of the most popular solar architecture systems that enhance the beauty of the place. These factors are the reason for its huge demand, which has led to the development of newer designs, with better and more features. The eco-friendly trend has helped environmentalists and manufacturers both, in saving the environment and earning loads of money, respectively.

The perfect business of healing the consumer, society and the environment, skylight manufacturing attracted people towards this cause and helps them be a part of it along with beautifying their houses and commercial venues.

Install and Save!

Best Eco-friendly Day lighting Solutions: Skylights

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